Here you a mini-guide of some clothes, details, colors or accessories, which you should avoid if you are invited at a wedding and want to be perfect.
To start do not risk, avoid any attempt to be “original”, this is not a good opportunity to do experiments, especially if it is not your style. Use correct clothes, with the characteristics of these occasions in the most traditional sense and avoid those that may resemble the attire of the bride and groom, you know, the real protagonists of the event.
For women, it is essential to carefully avoid the white color, which is too striking in the midst of a color-filled event in which precisely the white “stain” characteristic of the wedding dress makes it stand out above all others.
Avoid also scenographic garments made with tulle or fabrics that belong to the imaginary of bridal gowns.

The exaggerated necklines or wearing the clothes open or in a very “playful” way is not appropriate, this is not a New Year’s Eve party in which everything is allowed.
The colors and fabrics of the end of the year either, if you want to reuse any party garment that you have in the closet, mix it with others more typical of a marriage.
If you go as a couple try to harmonize both outfits regarding the occasion of use: or both with a casual touch, if the type of wedding allows it, or both with a look more typical of an especially important occasion.
You can also try to create harmony in regarding color, rather than coordinate the colors, the most important thing is to avoid being unpleasant when you are close.

A special note for girls: a dress or a skirt that is too short can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the event. Choose a length with which you feel comfortable, with which you know how to move and how to sit and with which you can behave naturally under any circumstance. Do not wear minis unless you wear them regularly and are used to moving with them.
Fully metallic fabrics are not suitable for main wedding garments, but for accessories and accessories, for example, if you are the godmother, one of the main protagonists of the event, look for something less flashy to avoid having all the limelight.

A total look completely black for the party is not appropriate for this occasion, especially if it is also long, reserve it for your nights out or for a casual look during the day that is not such a special occasion.
I’m still talking about color, the one responsible for the first impact that your look will cause, no matter the age, use “happy” colors, but the flasy colors can be unpleasant and could be excessive in this kind of special occasions, making you feel out of place.
Dressing in long at a short wedding can also make you feel out of place, call the organizers of the event to make sure what type of attire is appropriate and, in any case, avoid always excessively theatrical garments, these correspond only to the protagonists. The garments that have a large volume, especially skirts and dresses, are in themselves, and independently of color, garments that draw a lot of attention and with which we must be careful.
If it is a religious marriage, the surely stunning white dress of the bride will make the risk less, but at civil weddings a dress too shocking can make the bride feel uncomfortable, creating an unpleasant situation.

I am not suggesting that you to try to make your look is not pretty, but must find a careful balance to all feel comfortable.
As for the attitude, I know that some weddings can be extraordinarily boring, especially if it is a commitment in which practically you know anyone, but still you will have to make an effort, do not become a downcast guest who does not talk to anyone and spend the wedding looking at the phone, you will leave a terrible image of you.
invited at a weddingIf you do not have a huge closet, you’ll probably have a hard time finding something to wear over your perfect guest attire. The best thing is to distribute your budget between the main garment and the one you will wear, if it is impossible, look for help in the closets of friends and family and, if you do not find solutions, choose black leather jacket, it is not the perfect solution, but it is “The least of the evils” … avoiding in any case mixing it with a white dress !!!

Last, but not least, banish the transparencies of your guest or wedding guest look because it does not matter if the wedding is religious or civil, you are out of place in any case …
… and the flowers, only the bride takes them, becoming another distinctive of her protagonism!
It does not matter if you are a person of traditional criteria and tastes or not, to attend a wedding theguestgure are conventions that you should not ignore, it is a question of love and respect.