It is one of the easiest fabrics to use in modern attire, white weft and indigo blue warp, nothing special and yet its neutral character has made the denim easy to combine with natural or technical fabrics, tweed, suede or nylon, you can wear your denim shirt with any other fabric you have in your male wardrobe, matching any man styles today.

combinar camisa vaquera de hombre

First just a little history:

The origin of denim, is not fully demonstrated, but the most accepted is southern France in the Middle Ages, to be more precise in the small city of Nimes, hence its name De-Nim, cloth of Nimes.

Initially considered just a resistant fabric, it was however Levi Strauss, a Californian merchant who, at the end of the 19th century, thought about giving a different use to the denim that was used to make tents.

He thought that this simple and inexpensive cotton fabric could be used to make work clothes for the miners, who worked for a long time in the open. In addition, he reinforced the pockets, in which the miners kept the pieces of mineral found, with rivets of copper color. He had created a myth, although Strauss did not know it.


combinar camisa vaquera de hombre

Combining denim shirt man, the democratic spirit of denim

In the 70s the denim fabric was expanded by the cabinets of half the world, its democratic spirit was in perfect harmony with the prevailing hippie aesthetic and its values ​​of a freer and simpler world.

combinar camisa vaquera de hombre


This simplicity is what has made the denim fabric has won in its own right a permanent position in any wardrobe since the 70s

Its bicolor effect in blue tones makes it work well practically with any other color and that this fabric and the garments made with it, are very difficult to compartmentalize in any sense: style, age, occasion of use …


combinar camisa vaquera de hombre

Combine your men’s denim shirt in a casual-sophisticated style

Look at the cover image of the post and try to choose a style with which to label it: There are classic elements in the fabric of the jacket and in the choice of some accessories, but also a casual touch in others and in the nylon vest.

It is not a classic look, but neither completely casual, it is neither for young or old, nor strictly formal nor surprisingly carefree … and in the middle, a denim shirt, the culprit of this unexpected “harmony”.

My advice is to use your man denim shirt with any other clothes of your wardrobe, without fear of overlays. Forget about styles and conventions, what you have “learned” that is correct to wear coordinated in a look and what not.

combinar camisa vaquera de hombre


In the upper images casual style looks that take care of the details, thus acquiring a sophisticated touch: the collar of the buttoned shirt, the semi-open trench coat, the denim shirt inside the very wide trousers … it is “the way you wear the garments” what determines the degree of sophistication of the look, not necessarily the garments themselves.

Just risk, look at the result in the mirror, you will discover that it is difficult to create a bad look with a denim shirt.


If yours is a relaxed and comfortable casual style, think first of the clothes you want to wear without thinking about the denim shirt, you do not even need to think about the color.

With the clothes of the image, for example, you can put the denim shirt on or under the sweater, according to your preferences, the occasion, the size and shape of the shirt: if it is too narrow you can not use it over a thick sweater.


Combine a denim shirt at any time, with any style and at any age

The denim shirt is a basic garment that fits everything, in people with radically different lifestyles and ways of understanding fashion.

You will not find it strange a situation where you find a head full of dreadlocks and a silver head for the time together, both with a shirt in denim, right?

The images of this post say it all: young and less young, classic, alternative, conventional or fashionable, the shirts with seams reinforced in denim cloth do not know limits of use.


Combine a denim shirt with streetwear taste, the fashion touch

Basic and sportive garments, when you get to this section, you are at the younger and more fashionable side of the way to combine the denim shirt.

My favorites are the combinations with sportswear, easy and comfortable. It can be a sweatshirt, sweat pants or simple sneakers, everything that approaches the world of sports is welcome.

Putting on a shirt under a denim shirt, turns the shirt into almost a jacket, an enormously practical resource on many occasions and seasons.

combinar camisa vaquera de hombre


In fact, the denim shirt and the denim jacket have very similar functions depending on the weather and the season, they are interchangeable and you can use both in a similar way.

Explore also the world of denim fabric treatments. Washed with abrasive liquids and treatments that erode the fabric, are able to provide the denim with surprising aspects changing its color adapting it to your carefree way of dressing.

But if you’re looking for a fashion look I recommend applications.

combinar camisa vaquera de hombre


Prints, tacks and embroidery can satisfy all your whims, a world full of imaginative surprises to apply to your denim shirt.

As you can see a denim shirt is an essential piece in your wardrobe :). If you are looking for new styles for your image or a style that defines you as an image consultant I have many resources that I will put at your disposal.


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