Is it just a matter of style or also of occasion of use?

For me to talk about style without talking about the occasion of use, it seems like talking about temperatures without talking about seasons …

In my opinion this is one of the most complex posts that can be written about fashion, so let’s go deeper into the question.

Simplifying the possibilities a lot, we can focus four fundamental styles: formal, casual, sports and fashion … But if we add personal taste to the equation, a formal style can have a casual touch, a sporty one a formal mood and a casual style fashion touches.

Let’s analyze each one of the four main styles separately since, knowing well its main elements, garments and most characteristic accessories, is the first step to choose the ones that most interest you and adapt them to a personal style.

Explore the limits of a formal male clothing style

We start with the most formal style that, although it seems rigid and boring, has elements that can transform your image in an original and personal way.

The complete traditional look consists of a suit with a vest, shirt and tie, but there are many possible variations in this “classic” formula.

In the previous image, an unusual tie with daring polka dots and a scarf “out of place”, personalize the look.

As traditional as the elements themselves seem to you, when you look at them in isolation, the different ways of using them and taking them out of context will make you completely forget their formal origin.

And, what about a patterned shirt that removes formality from the look and makes it simpler? A style with young nuances that always respects a formal spirit.

Slight variations or choose small extravagances or particularities, those “special” elements will completely change the style of a look, but without straying too far from the group to which they belong.

Always keep in mind the occasion for which you dress, for example, you probably would not choose a printed shirt for a certain type of job interviews, you would limit the traditional shirt with a tie.

The style of formal-casual clothing leaves many doors open to your personality

One step further in the masculine attire is the formal-casual, which can incorporate for example sneakers and shirts without abandoning altogether a formal aspect, provided by the blazer.

It is important that you also understand that there are emblematic garments that will maintain a certain style even incorporating garments of other styles. It is the case of the blazer.

The garments and fabrics originally belonging to a specific style can nevertheless be “transported” to another without complexes.

This is the case with this jacket in tweed, the checkered trousers with tweezers and even (or above all) the vest … not to mention the accessories!

Today, in addition, the most current way of dressing is to go “beyond the style” and play with the occasions of use and the characteristic garments of each style, to create a way of dressing itself.

Denim fabric and technical fabrics, the latest to incorporate a current men’s clothing style

The denim is, since the 70s, a member with its own character of a style of masculine clothing, the absolute protagonist of the casual style.

But as I said at the beginning of the post, the styles are contaminated today … fortunately!

The upper image is casual because of the denim garments, the sneakers sportswear and no doubt formal for the jacket, a current look with its own personality. Difficult to set the limits, right?

Do you think that all these elements create confusion? Well, in my opinion, what they do is open even more the possibilities of personalizing your style.

The technical garments contribute to enrich this situation even more.

It is not only a matter of forms and functional performance, I also speak of the purely aesthetic contribution and textures that these garments provide.

To this accessories are added, with technical fabrics that go from casual to fashion through the technician, without flinching.

You know that the accessories are the main seasoning of the look with two distinct functions: they can provide strength and authenticity to the look supporting the style of the same or they can put the right point of contrast that provides differentiation and personality.

What happens when a style of clothing is a victim of fashion?

It happens that the extraordinary, the extravagant and the delightfully uncommon invades the streets, coexisting with formal, casual or sportswear …

I left for the end the fashion style, a style that nowadays changes everyday so often, feeding on constant news that travel at full speed through social networks. This season the novelty are furs.

This style delights the fashion addicts and is full of fabrics, accessories or daring textures that differentiate the fashion addicts from the rest of the universe, the common mortals.

It is very important to know how to “break” the limits of style to create a way of dressing. Learn to look at garments and accessories as isolated elements, mentally removing the label from a specific clothing style, only this way you will be able to create of personal clothing style.

But whatever your style, the occasion for which you dress always conditions your choices when dressing. Your style and personality will define the look, but the occasion will also condition and make you adapt to the situation in question, especially in the most important events of your life.

My Personal Shopper and Image Consulting service can provide you with the keys to obtain it, providing you with the tools to personalize your outfit and your personal image, in a way that reflects your personality, differentiating you.

In the next post I will talk about clothing styles, but this time it will be women’s clothing styles, do not miss it!