The Biker is the motorbike jacket par excellence, it is an iconic unisex garment, which became famous with the movies starring unforgettable actors of the 50’s such as James Dean or Marlon Brando, so, if you are going to buy a “Perfecto” (original name of the garment) you will get great resistance to the passage of time and a “vintage taste” guaranteed, so it is worth buying an original Biker created by the Scott brothers in l928: ”if you don’t put Schott N.Y.C.., It’s not Perfecto”.

From the original thick black leather and metal accessories, you’ll find a thousand alternatives in price and color, but although there are other biker jackets inspired by the Perfecto, don’t trust them if you need protection, only thick quality leather protects you when you ride!

Biker jacket also at work



Biker with a tie? yes, if you work in an ambient were you can wear a casual pant with a jumper, a biker will replace a coat or a jacket and will add style and character to the look.

Classic fabrics such as pinstripe or tweed, will “formalize” the women’s biker jacket, and a couple of casual accessories such as a scarf or sneakers, will create that semi-formal intermission you usually use to go to work. In both looks, masculine and feminine, the formula to create a professional look with a Biker is the same.



Biker and other biker jackets – features and colors


In the image above a typical motorbike jacket with protections, reinforcements and stitching that are not only decorative, but in most of the motorbike jackets proposed by “fashion” brands have only an aesthetic function, and “are not worth the cost”.

Not all leather jackets are biker jackets, there are details and accessories such as rivets, loops or zips that create an attractive “biker taste”, thus, more or less “decaffeinated” versions of the biker jacket for everyday use have emerged.

What is clear is that nowadays, with a black biker jacket, you can even show up at a meeting where you need to “guarantee” a good presence, nobody will find it inappropriate.



To cover all occasions of use, many versions of the mythical Biker have been created, now the black jacket with silver metal trims exists in a thousand colours and even in embroidered or printed proposals, the bad thing is that most of the time these “fashion” versions are of poor quality, so don’t fall for the sirens’ song: if the garment is of poor quality, your “presence” will seem of poor quality, and the consequences can affect life in ways you would never imagine.



What really determines the beauty of the biker jacket is the quality of the leather. Real quality leather doesn’t come cheap, but its satin beauty and warm glow are worth it: buy a quality leather biker jacket and it will get prettier every day.

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The original Biker jacket has become a must have for almost all the urban tribes of the 20th century, its versatility is such that it has adapted to the transgressive spirit of all of them regardless of the basic aesthetic philosophy of each one.



In the way women dress today, the silhouette is everything, and the original Biker jacket for women, softly fitted and with a length up to the hips, fits perfectly both with current casual styles, sportswear, and even with others of more conventional taste, but with “open” aesthetic



Pairing men’s and women’s Biker jackets, the unisex motorcycle jacket par excellence is a classic garment worn by men and women in very different ways.

From posh to transgressive, they wear it just as naturally, and the rest of the garments they wear underneath seem to fit this unique garment like someone wearing a shoe of their size.




Biker jackets at special events, whoever has a Biker has a treasure

Silk or denim, you can wear a mortar jacket in an everyday look or in a special event, nowadays you won’t be out of tune even in a wedding, unless you have the complex on!

Wondering if something is appropriate or not in an event is something very common, but the truth is that it depends completely on you, because today there are many rules that have relaxed and the rules of protocol have begun to be relative, so it depends on whether you feel out of place or not, but if you do not dare to wear it or talk about another type of look, my post Which coat I wear with a long dress can help you.



When talking about a man’s or woman’s biker jacket when attending an event, what really makes the difference between appropriate or not, are the accessories.

In the case of the biker jacket in a women’s event look, what defines the occasion of use are also the fabrics of the other garments of the look that accompany the leather with jacket, whether we are talking about a Biker or another type of biker jacket.

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When you go to a party, trust your biker jacket or your women’s biker as a coat, the black leather color guarantees a variety of color and style combinations, it’s a look that works every time.

Emphasize with makeup and accessories a sophisticated outfit or play with that childish spirit you’re so fond of lately, a biker jacket is not a garment through which time passes so, although the years run and your style and your look change, you’ll end up enjoying the dawn with it protecting you again and again, and it will be more beautiful every time!



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