Half garment half accessory, the waistcoats are always a practical garment appreciated in all seasons, so in this post I offer you an analysis of all its possibilities regardless of fashion, in looks for both men and women.

I’ll show you how to take advantage of this peaceful joker by analyzing the types of men’s waistcoats and women’s waistcoats, and the functions of each of them, so you can easily and comfortably decide which waistcoat to choose and how to wear it according to your style and the occasion.

In its function as “accessory” of the look all types of waistcoats, formal, casual, technical or fashion, have occasions of use that go beyond what, by nature (fabric, color, shape, etc.), would correspond to them.


Formal Vests – Men’s and Women’s Vest, casual and work wear


Often the waistcoat has been used more as a formal male garment, but only until women have realized again what the female silhouette gains with the help of a waistcoat: presence and figure. It is also an opportunity to add color or printed motifs to the outfit.

It brings formality to the woman’s work look, but it is also hyper-feminine, always marking the waist, so, with touches that take it away definitively from a masculine concept, in this case heels and transparent blouse, it can even be suggestive.



Men’s waistcoats remove rigidity from classic work attire, giving it the opportunity to adopt a younger, more relaxed aura, while sneakers and a rolled-up shirt emphasize the effect.

The waistcoat included in the men’s suit can be crossed or not, today it is more modern not crossed, and it is the rest of the components that make the look more or less formal.



If you choose the men’s cross over waistcoat, you have to know how to combine it in a fashionable look between traditional and formal as the one on the right, so that it doesn’t look “rancid”.

If we talk about the waistcoat with jeans the intention changes, for him you can transform it into a relaxed look that, adding a tie, can work even for a job interview.




In waistcoat looks with jeans for both men and women the important thing is the wear of the jeans, with very worn out jeans it automatically becomes a casual fashion look.

Use plain waistcoats in your looks freely adapting them to your style, whatever your style there will always be a waistcoat that adds value to your outfit, here the waistcoat as an accessory gain prominence.



For these functions choose waistcoats in plain or classic fabrics, which will allow you to incorporate them into your looks. If you’re not sure how to do this, use MD Personal Shopper’s Image Consultancy.

Knitted waistcoats, as an accessory and in a vintage look

Women’s knitted waistcoats are usually plain, or very thick and with braids or thinner, crocheted or crocheted waistcoats.



Men’s knitted waistcoats are usually plain and thin, applied, worn under the jacket and have no fashion intent, although this could easily change.



Quilted waistcoats and other casual style waistcoats



The quilted waistcoat already has a preferential seat in today’s urban casual fashion, as you see in the image above the men’s quilted waistcoat has also been introduced in formal and semi-formal men’s looks, using lightweight padding under the jacket with a practical function.

The best thing is that in this function the men’s padded waistcoats add color and texture to the look so if you don’t know how to identify the waistcoat that fits your style and your pocket best, use my Personal Shopper tour, the best advice to find out which shops suit you and learn how to create overlays.



Both women’s and men’s padded waistcoats extract their spirit from technical mountain wear and transfer it to the world of casual wear.

Take advantage of the brightness of sports fabrics to add color to your wardrobe and play with overlays.



Emphasize the casual spirit also with jeans and suede waistcoats that serve a “decorative function, without which the looks lose interest and boldness. You can learn how to use them in a style consultation with MD Personal Shopper Online Services.

Fur, Leather and Feather Vests – Importance of Fashion Vests in your Image



You know the importance of the waistcoat, in the most formal events, when you need to dress for a wedding without a suit, or resort to the Wedding Protocol for men, in which the waistcoat is usually involved, after all a black waistcoat is a “must have” in the modern men’s wardrobe.

Women’s waistcoats can save you at an event or a special occasion where you don’t have spectacular clothes on hand to create a look. A black waistcoat in a particular fabric is a perfect wardrobe joker for any woman, regardless of age and style. Adding for example an embroidered or sequined waistcoat on top of dress, skirt or trousers that you have worn many times already, will completely change the look.



If you want to change your silhouette, use a long waistcoat as a dress, guaranteed success also with trousers underneath if you need to hide excessively wide hips.

The fur waistcoat is a must against the cold, but also an attractive and fashionable contribution.

Be careful with this garment if you have a lot of chest, it increases considerably its volume … in fact it is also a “tool” that you can use if you need to enhance a small breast!



It’s a very cool garment, perfect especially in leather overlays, but don’t forget to make sure you’re wearing a faux fur waistcoat, today there are wonderful animal-friendly alternatives


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