In the era of the lack of protocol, let’s talk about the men protocol for wedding, mainly because, if you want to violate it, you to know first what it is, if not, how could it be funny ?, and if instead of transgressing it, you want to respect it, it is essential to know rules and regulations to know how to dress for a wedding and being  impeccable.

To all the men who are outside these two groups I do not think that this post can be minimally interesting, because I suppose they do not need help or inspiration to wear “anything”, but perhaps they see other options beyond their disinterest in fashion , may be can be curious at least.


If what you really want is to avoid being subject to formal rules and dressing more relaxed and spontaneous, but maintaining a proper presence, I advise you to read my post Wedding look for man without suit, where you will find ideas and suggestions to feel more “free”, elegant but informal, if not. Otherwise, read on, because here is the information you need to follow the men wedding protocol.

Suit or tuxedo, the first thing is to choose


Men are free from the constraints, they can even dress exactly like the groom, it won’t be a problem at all, but there is a choice between two different alternatives that in the end are the most common when talking about men wedding protocol.

Let’s start with the conventional suit that may not really be so “conventional”, for example, just vary the traditional combination of colors, because beyond the navy suit or the typical boring gray, there is a world of possibilities with if you have not received specific limits on the invitation, you can let your imagination run wild.

If you choose this option, keep in mind that, although you are used to creating your own color combinations for your everyday looks, an occasion as special as a day wedding needs that “something more” that only an image professional can offer you. Call me, with the Style Coach service I will help you create that special look you need for wedding protocol, with the formal resources already present in your wardrobe.


But if you already know that your wardrobe mainly contains men’s clothing in an informal style, the Shopping Together service offers you my experience as a Personal shopper in Madrid. I will create for you a tour adapted to men wedding protocol and to your needs, price and physical characteristics, so that you only have to enjoy the experience of shopping in the most fashionable stores in the city, and dressing advised by an image professional.

In the images above, a foulard that replaces a tie and a turtleneck, a smart alternative to it, perfect in case you can’t bear the feeling that “men wedding protocol strangles you”

Even if you choose to wear a suit, there are suits and suits, not to mention the most appropriate color, or another issue that is among the most debated when it comes to dealing with men’s fashion for events: with or without a tie? … and if it is “with”, which tie knot use for a wedding?, Can I use a double tie knot? And, which are suitable colors?, Can I wear a fuchsia tie?…


The questions follow one another endlessly, and the answer is, more or less: it depends on the colors of the suit, it depends on the width of the tie, it depends on your personality and your personal taste, because in any case the clothes will be worn you, and your personal criteria, along with the type of event and your physical characteristics, is what counts, that is, a set of things that make up the look and that must be in harmony.

Men wedding protocol may change at the will of the couple, perhaps they prefer that everyone wear a black vest and indicate that this will be the protocol garment of the event, as in the image above, in the one that all go “uniformed”. If so, stick to the protocol outlined in the invitation whether you like it or not, it is a matter of courtesy.

… what if you prefer the tuxedo for the wedding?


Men’s fashion changes today with a certain ease, but there are garments that look like they intend to stay, in the case of a Tuxedo but, but do you know what is really its origin?


Griswold Lorillard was kicked out of a party at the Skyscraper City Country Club, at which the invitation indicated tight a rule of etiquette for male attendees. Griswold, a rebellious guy of the moment, cut off the tail of the tailcoat, added a ball to his tie and went at the event, the host was very offended, and the Tuxedo was born. The name of this emblematic garment of men’s clothing, is due to the fact that the Country Club where the event was placed in Tuxedo Park.

In the images a Tuxedo made with a very unconventional plaid fabric, and a 70’s suit that can be adapted to a more personal way of understanding fashion, both perfect for men wedding protocol.

I also propose a conventional suit, but with a narrow silhouette, more current, to which it’s just simply being added a bow tie instead of the tie … neither this nor that, the “saddest “choice in my opinion, just for those unable to choose.

And so, we come to a main question: how to have style


A man can dress stylish, but not be stylish … wow!

The question is to choose the correct solution, that adds value to your image but that does not “eat” your personality, without of course staying in a high dose of “fashion” content that makes you look like a television show presenter. In this sense, reading my post Image Consultancy, get the look, may be useful, how to get your look in shape, which studies your image as a whole, and offers you solutions to achieve that style that you cannot reach on your own, but always respecting your tastes so that you feel good, and follow men wedding protocol.

Having style and dressing stylish are two very different things, there are people who are born with a special “gift”, a kind of “aura” that envelops them by giving them a magical magnet, which makes them attract attention and be a style reference to which everyone wants to imitate … weren’t you born with that gift? Don’t worry, there are solutions.

If what you need is help to achieve a perfectly stylish look on a specific occasion, such as a wedding, the Fashion for Events service can help you choose the outfit for the event that best suits you, and resolve the dilemma: Which is the best option as men wedding protocol, suit or tuxedo?


In my opinion, the best and most elegant one is the black tuxedo, if you can afford it best with all its classic attributes: satin lapels, trousers with shiny stripe on the side, sash, etc. Buy the choice of tuxedo deserves its own post, that will write if I receive requests that interest you, just leave me a comment.

As for color, black is the best alternative, elegant and impeccable, it is also very difficult to find a quality white tuxedo that is worth it, if it is poorly done it is one of the most tacky, vulgar and terrible garments you can find … better just black for men wedding protocol.

Regarding the characteristic bow tie, I have expressed my opinion many times the various posts and in my publications on my Instagram, the most modern option at the moment is wearing it yes, but not knotted but undone, hanging around the neck on the shirt, (I think that Griswold Lorillard would have loved) and of course none of those hideous bow ties with elastic and ready-made bow

Impeccable day protocol only with a blazer


There is one more possibility that may be the most accessible, but also, unlike what you might think, a modern option that is neither suit nor tuxedo, I speak of two pieces, blazer with any  pants what, in cases of relaxed wedding or, if the bride and groom want it, it can even be your preferred jeans.

suit or smoking


If you choose two pieces separately, look to stand out, it is a good occasion to differentiate yourself, a blazer in a spectacular color will make the difference, it is one of the advantages of this masculine must have. If you want to know more about it, don’t miss the post Learn to combine the Blazer, essential of current men’s wardrobe-The definitive guide, you will understand why it is also a good option for a day wedding.

Look for elements that personalize your look for the event, it can be for example a printed shirt, a spectacular pocket square or a hairstyle that reflects your rebellious spirit. As in the case of women, I invite you to … don’t you forget your personality at home!

Mistakes / horrors on a men wedding protocol

suit or smoking


Finally, the cast of “horrors” are the most common mistakes in the search for the perfect protocol on men wedding protocol, mistakes you can fall into almost without realizing it, naturally without the slightest intention, and that will turn your image into exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve.

suit or smoking


In these images you have a compendium of them: arrogance (because I understand that attitude also counts when we talk about protocol), the superposition of accessories (used without rhyme or reason, all together and unfortunately scrambled: brooch + scarf + tie + …), the exhibitionism of any kind (the protagonist is the groom, not you, it is a bad taste to compete with him), the confusion regarding the occasion of use (a day wedding is not a year-end party). If you have these aspects under control, you have practically guaranteed success.

When it comes to footwear …

suit or smoking


Nowadays this issue has been noticeably relaxed, but of course not all weddings are the same, you cannot afford the same at a friend’s wedding in an informal place than in a luxury hotel, but in any case, the best rule is to get informed and adapt.

Today the most modern, and in my opinion the best choice, is the tuxedo with sneakers, but remember, only if the circumstances of the wedding allow it, and especially if it is an option with which you are comfortable.

If sneakers without too much, but classic shoes seem too conservative for your style, think that boots and ankle boots may be the solution you are looking for.

suit or smoking


In the post Day wedding Protocol – Long dressing code, the first in this series on protocols for wedding attire, there are general indications that might interest you, such as the fact that, if there is a protocol set for attire in the invitation of wedding you receive, the right thing to do is following it.

On Instagram I give a tip every day to dress better, making the most of your wardrobe resources, tips and tricks to improve your style day after day, follow me!

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