For those of us who had the privilege of living the 80s, their aesthetics are familiar to us, although we have contradictory feelings of love / hate in regard to their aesthetic characteristic, one of the most particular and recognizable in recent fashion history.

In the 90s we had our first “rejection effect”, we detested the big shoulder pads and the characteristic curly hair by the permanent, (exactly the cover image of the post today), we think that 80’s fashion seemed sadly old.

In the following decade, the coolest thing was the smooth hair of colors, the grunge fashion, with all its aesthetics linked to its particular music, the denim garments and the suits that already began to draw the feminine forms.

Women’s oversize jacket, protagonist of autumn

But let’s leave behind the old and let’s talk about this emblematic garment of the 80s that this fall stars in the most trendy streetwear silhouettes.

Do not try to reproduce its function in the 80s, the best thing you can do is integrate it into your current look.

I recommend that you think about the look you would choose for tomorrow without thinking about wearing an oversize jacket. It could be a gray skirt with a turtleneck and some loafers with heels for the office or your favorite jeans with sneakers, as in this image.

Then simply put your oversize women’s blazer on and look in the mirror … surprised?

And yes, the oversize jacket has a lot of personality. You can transform both your professional look and your casual look without flinching.

Its great advantage is that it has not been fashionable for many years, so it has the advantage of surprise. Instead of a garment of 20 years ago, for those who did not live the 80’s can pass for a novelty of season.

The oversize jacket, the fascination of disproportion

The oversize women’s jacket does not draw the female silhouette, hence its success.

We are always tired of everything, which, together with the imagination and creativity of the human being and our desire for novelty, explains the success of fashions.

But we also look back regularly, looking for “jewels” from the past for which we feel nostalgic.

The last look back brings us the oversize jacket, whose proportions go beyond the anatomical measurements, ignoring them with studied indifference.

Oversize refers to the whole garment in general, but, if it’s too much for you, the 80’s less excessive touch is a huge shoulder pads, which will elevate oversize only to your shoulders … the most “light” version of this trend.

The fashions that tend to be more successful are those that involve a very shocking change, those that bring important transformations that affect the silhouette, because it is the most obvious impact of all. If you are looking for a revolution in your image, with an oversize blazer I guarantee you will get it.

In some garments the fact that they are short or long is of significant importance for the final result. In the case of the oversize jacket it is a balance between the two qualities

What really conditions everything is the volume of chest and shoulders, whose amplitude always has as consequence an attractive “fallen effect” or, in case the jacket has shoulder pads (the most usual) with its appearance of football player, which moves the shoulders away from the real position.

If the shoulder pads go by an exaggerated circumference of the chest, the effect will be much more striking. If in addition the garment is long and narrower in the background, that is to say it has triangular silhouette, you will have really got back to the 80s.

In shorter garments the effect tends to be more square and you can take advantage of it to create a contrast showing much your waist with an accessory, it could be a very wide 80’s style belt, or a chain.

With this trick the oversize volume will concentrate even more on the shoulders.

Oversize jacket also for a casual style

The cotton jackets can also have their oversize version, although without shoulder pads, you will lose your 80’s mood and have a more modern and young look.

The result is more current, with a look closer to a shirt than a jacket.

If you are interested in this more relaxed and much less structured style, I recommend you read the post “Woman’s denim oversized jacket”, which I published a couple of weeks ago. In it you will find the keys to create a much more casual oversize style …

… and if you are a woman athlete and what you want is to enjoy the oversize jacket in your free time, look for your jacket in a sports store and buy it in size XXL … it will never be too big.

Turn the cuffs several times and enjoy the enveloping protection of the excess fabric, which conveys, in addition to comfort, a certain security in yourself, as if below such a volume no challenge was excessive.

The alternative is to leave the long sleeves covering the hands, something that I love, although I recognize the little practicality … it is valid for any type of garment, although I personally love it in knitwear.

Oversize volumes are in fashion this season for jackets, but they will continue in coats when the cold gets more intense.

Do not be afraid to introduce them in your wardrobe, they are garments that you will enjoy in risky overlays as your style allows you, night and day.

If you want to play mix fabrics, the fabulados designs of the most traditional fabrics, will allow you to get it without reaching the extravagance (if you do not feel like it) but always keeping the cooler oversize volumes.