The formal masculine work suit does not almost undergo variations and any attempt to bring novelty always fails scandalously.

Today I’m talking about the men’s short suit, the formal masculine suit with short pants, an alternative that many men would like with the arrival of the summer heat, which does not mean that they are going to wear it, since the absolute intransigence of the world of work automatically disqualifies these pants.

On the cover today a proposal created with this trend. I say proposal because the jackets do correspond to the conventional format, but some pants in the image belong to leisure time and sports.

In the picture you can see shorts with coulisse (cord on the waist to adjust the measure) and bermuda pants. Unless you are an extremely young person, in the work environment they will not look at you with good eyes and will probably “invite” you to grow up and put on long pants.

If in any case you decide to risk because it is worth for you defending your individuality, in my opinion it is much more interesting to wear the complete suit, that is to say jacket and trousers of the same fabric, cutting the pants with the length of a Bermuda shorts.

I call it the “contemporary male curse” that affects professionals of all sectors, with the exception of some liberal professionals who often can get rid of their ties, without of course leaving behind a feeling of reliability and trust, even though the formula affects professionals of both sexes …

… the only real difference is that if a woman wears a suit jacket with shorts, the look is modern and summery, but if a man wears them, the look could indicate that he is a frivolous person with whom the project It could end in disaster.

I believe that in a certain sense men are suffering today from the rigid discomforts that women have suffered for centuries. I am not talking about corsets, that is, not about the physical discomfort, but about the social dress code.

Thinking better I will correct myself. These days I have been in a situation that many men attended directly from work or in any case wanted to convey a certain formality, so they wore jacket.

While we were more relaxed with all the alternatives that the feminine closet offers when the heat arrives, strapless or short sleeve, men with their suits tried to remain always in air conditioned zones and to be in open zones the smaller possible time.

There is something in the jacket, in this particular garment, that has become a symbol of work time, as if a garment could guarantee the formality and reliability that guarantees good results.

If you have used people in your work environment to an extremely conventional professional look with hardly any variations that go beyond the traditional suit with a tie, the truth is that I doubt very much that they can accept something as alternative as that same suit in a short version.

But if you have previously used them to a certain nonconformity with rebellious touches, even if they do not directly affect the garments and are, for example, an element of differentiation in the hairstyle, it is very possible that your environment is not so astonished and the short suit is attributed to another “extravagance” of yours, consenting it without barely blinking.

I invite you to contribute always differentiation touches to your masculine work look because, with the passage of time, will allow you in many ways, freedoms that otherwise will not be understood and will cause an unpleasant void around you, a kind of earthquake in the office. The accessories are always a “precious” resource to perform this function.

You can gently “lighten” your professional attire by also incorporating some casual element, such as a short or long sleeve cotton tee depending on the tastes of your office regarding air conditioning. Personally, short-sleeved shirts look like terrible clothes, a tee is more “smart” and correct than a short-sleeved shirt.

Nor do I find attractive alternative hapes of jacket, as in this case a bowling jacket with traditional fabric like shorts, but I think it is a young look that, depending on the work environment in which you move, you can afford certain licenses and as it is not a strictly formal jacket, the contours of what is or is not correct, are blurred.

But if you want to update the formal look to the summer temperatures, there are other resources that will have more acceptance in your professional environment, since they do not leave the format of accepted garments in that “rigid” world …

… a vest or a sleeveless jacket may be the solution you are looking for and you could even feel less heat than with the shorts but using a traditional jacket.

To not get out of the rules, choose these alternative garments of the same fabric as the pants, you could even reuse the jacket of a summer suit that has suffered some damage in the sleeves and that you thought you could not use again.

For a more conventional result you can replace the shirt with a long sleeves shirt that you roll up, turning the sleeves several times upwards using the size of the cuffs …