Summer holidays are very close and if you have weight excess, you’d be desperately looking for inspiration on the swimsuits with slimming effect, a “possible miracle”, thanks to the appropriate styles and textile technology.

There are some characteristics to keep in mind when it comes to fantasies and the characteristics of the fabric, tips that can help you choose most appropriate style, to get an slimming effect in your figure. It helps to know which type of swimsuit you should look for and how to find it for it doesn’t become the trauma of each summer.

To begin I do not want you to think that your only option is a black swimsuit, but if you want a fantasy, choose clear motives and avoid clear backgrounds. Even within the different colors there are more or less clear shades.

We are now talking about the shape of the swimsuit on the leg. Also in the heavy bodies with high weight there are particularities that can make the swimsuit fits you best.

If you have very long legs you can choose swimsuits that have even a piece of leg covered. With shorts you will feel better, especially if you are a young person and are looking for something different.

The quality of the fabric is actually the most important thing you must control at any time. The fabric itself must be firm, only then will you feel the security of your body “under control”.

The tension of a fabric for quality swimsuits, in addition to a thin effect with which it also feels good, also tends to lengthen the figure. You should invest a little more and use a batter more than one season, rather than buying a very cheap sea one too loose to dress your body in an attractive way.

This strength of the fabric would ensure great comfort, but assured that the seams of the edges are soft and do not generate too much tension, causing the effect of the “sausage” effect on the edges due to the pressure.

If you prefer a swimsuit with a lower-cut leg shape, the options are very different from each other, creating even opposite effects depending on the person wearing it, their age and physical characteristics.

Trying different leg shapes to choose the most suitable for you, although in general, a shape that rises vertically down the leg, tends to make a leg effect longer and thinner.

Anyway, my advice is to not overdo it, even a “basic” appearance swimsuit could be the one that slims your figure the most.

Avoid any kind of excesses of any kind about color and shape, strident fantasies or extra additions of any kind.

Ruffles, any form of added fabric, especially in the chest and hip area, there are no slimming effect but rather the opposite, get an baroque figure and visually lose inches in height.

Any added fabric and any decorative effect that means an increasing of it in the shape of folds or pleats, will remove any possible slimming effect of your new swimsuit.

Color is also very important. The light and bright colors have a magnifying effect on figure.

Should you avoid them? Rather you have to choose, certainly not lengthen the figure, which is what finally makes a swimsuit make you look thinner.

I want to propose also slimming swimsuits in its two pieces version because, although it does not seem possible to you, now you also have this option if you do not want to give up a body with more tanned area.

The trick is to choose panties in 50’s style, high up to the waist, covering even the navel and narrow, but once again I remind you that you should go in search of avoiding a “sausage effect”

Naturally it shortens the figure a little, but maybe for you it’s worth it when the “prize” is a dark belly instead of an annoying white stripe.

The upper garments can be much smaller if you prefer, but tops with more capacity will also be harmonious, and they could be what you need if you are looking for control because you have a very large breast.

As for the colors, the rules are the same as for one-piece swimsuits.

In addition to the undisputed advantages of black, prints with dark background are a very positive alternative that will not increase the volume in a worrying way.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about the excess of crosses and strips in any bathroom garment. Abusing these elements, which on the other hand and within a reasonable use are necessary to hold the swimsuit, will cause any slimming effect to fade.

Dividing the body into different parts, the strips will visually shorten the figure, splitting your body optically in a succession of horizontal areas.

If you want a swimsuit that slims, choose always garments in one piece or divided into large “blocks”, always avoiding, as much as possible, useless and unnecessary divisions. You’ll like your look much more.