Do you think there are few swimming costume alternatives for men? You’re wrong, there aren’t, but above all it’s difficult to know which one is right for your body and also to know what to avoid.

In general terms I recommend you avoid flat swimming costumes, straight swimming costumes are better for you because they don’t swell and fit better, but let’s see all the options one by one so you can make a better choice.

Men’s swimming costumes: two fundamental fabrics, waterproof and lycra

Lycra swimming costumes

Men’s briefs

In the 70’s they were practically the only option: For sun lovers, I recommend the brief swimming costume which, being very low-cut in the leg, will leave large, tanned surfaces visible.


Men’s swimming trunks

If what you want is to do sport forget about this type of swimming costume, you have the competition swimming costume that covers part of the thigh, but also get up early to have a beach or swimming pool free of people.

If you have some extra kilos these swimming costumes are also useful for you aesthetically, as they have a slightly “containment” function (they keep the body retained and concentrated), but not without limits, the extra can also overflow creating an even worse effect than with other swimming costumes.


Swimwear made of waterproof fabric in different lengths

They are not perfect for all men, but with many length alternatives, a few inches can change the effect on you, so try on several until you find the one that suits you best.

There are also different types of fastenings: elastic only, gathered, adjustable, with or without drawstring at the waist…it’s time to try, this post contains many options on the market, but everybody is unique, and the only way to see how a swimming costume looks on you is to try it on.


Men’s short swimming costumes

For me the best option, classic and with a very democratic silhouette because it does not shorten the figure but on the contrary, it lengthens it by exposing the entire thigh.

This is the best swimming costume if you have extra kilos around the abdomen, it doesn’t hide them (none can do it), but it doesn’t show them either.


Mid-thigh swimming costume

This is only perfect if you have a toned and beautiful torso, as it leaves it practically uncovered and emphasises it, especially if you wear your swimming costume in the right position, resting on your hips.

If instead of abs, you have a prominent tummy, the result is terrible, it shortens the figure because the tummy “hangs” over the swimming costume, making it very evident.


Men’s surfing swimming costumes, knee length

This is the length of swimming costume used by surfers, but it has also become the favorite choice of younger people, although it is a length that shortens the figure and only suits men who do a lot of sport.

Fashions are fashions and these swimming costumes are considered very cool, but it’s not an easy swimming costume?

I invite you to spend some time in front of the mirror in the shop before buying them, if after some time looking at the front (from behind and leaving aside comments from the shop staff who want you to buy it), you still like it, buy it, but if you have any doubts, call me!


Printed swimwear

They put you in a good mood just by looking at them and are in perfect harmony with the holiday spirit.

Variegated fantasies of all kinds accompany your leisure time, they’re made for enjoyment and relaxation so unless you’re looking for a swimming costume for a business meeting, I honestly think it’s best to choose the print that suits you best.


Large floral patterns, such as Hawaiian flowers, create a ‘magnifying glass effect’ but do you really care whether or not you look bigger in a swimming costume?



If your answer is yes, just choose small patterns and/or dark backgrounds, any stripe effect will also help you achieve your goal.


Geometric patterns, even if they are a bit bold, like this tabby print are visually discreet, perfect for those who want to show personality without standing out too much.


Swimwear out of the water

Forget that they’re made of waterproof fabric and enjoy the wide range of prints and colors available in today’s men’s swimwear.

A swimming costume can also become the perfect wardrobe wildcard for leisure time and not only during holidays, where a swimming costume is even suitable for going on a date.


Swimwear is also useful in casual looks for different occasions and, in the city, swimwear is very useful when it’s hot and you’re moving around in a casual look, e.g., for sport.

If you want to learn how to make the best use of this and other items in your wardrobe, book a couple of hours of Style Coach, the exclusive MD Personal Shopper ‘s service that teaches you how to make the most of the resources in your wardrobe.


Mistakes you can avoid when choosing your swimwear

Here are some of the pitfalls surrounding this garment, the most important thing to know on this and every other occasion when shopping for clothes, is that you should try to be objective about your body, its weaknesses and possibilities, so you get a better image.

In the photo, a pleated trouser is the best option if you don’t have a flat stomach.


If you want to get a “sophisticated” effect and stay away from the sporty world, avoid two-tone contrasts and sporty colors.

Look for dark colors and fantasies and avoid experiments, if you are not convinced of the result send me a photo by WhatsApp, I will give you an objective and professional opinion.


Remember that long swimming costumes do not suit men who are not very tall, however, they are a good possibility if you are very slim.

Always keep in mind that this is just a sequence of professional tricks to find the swimming costume that suits you best, but in any case, health comes first.



The aim of wearing a swimming costume is to enjoy yourself, so try on lots of different brands, each one has its own fabrics, fastenings, weaves and secrets when it comes to dressing the male body.

Think also that the Style of men’s clothing determines everything, so you may find swimwear that you feel good in among the brands with clothes that match your style.


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