The thin Italian tie knot, one of the most demanded and desired knots, but do you know why? And then, do you know possibilities and / or alternatives?

How to make an Italian tie knot

I would like first to solve the question of “how” by recommending a web that explains all types of knots with simple videos, and explanatory drawings, which not only allows you to learn each type of knot, but to learn their differences and compare them. Afterwards, you can dedicate yourself to more important things, such as when and with what:

Thin or thick Italian tie knot

The thickness of a tie knot, any knot, depends above all on the thickness of the fabric that you use. An elaborate jacquard fabric, a rustic-looking linen fabric or a knit tie will make it practically impossible to make a thin knot.

Look for a tie made with a fine fabric, the quality of it, from silk to polyester, will not influence the thickness of the knot, although it will have a lot of importance in the final result with regard to appearance: folds, shine, etc.


Perfect shirt collar for an Italian tie knot

Unlike other knots, the Italian tie knot is quite small and has a slight and characteristic lopsided appearance.

If you want to value this aesthetic characteristic, you need a short and open neck that respects all its prominence. The same problem arises with other small knots like the one in the image that it’s not an Italian knot, but needs an small and opened shirt collar that respect its space.

With a large, obvious and pointed collar, the Italian knot “gets lost” and disappears.


When to use an Italian tie knot

The ties seem to be today, a “formal” accessory, whose use is limited only to working life and special events. I invite you to recover this accessory full of possibilities in terms of texture and color, which transform your image with ease.

Playing with the occasion of use is one of the best resources that the tie puts at your fingertips.

Put on a tie with a vest to remain impeccable also without a jacket in your professional life, of course, but also in private life.

The different tie knots, (Italian, simple, windsor, double windsor, onasis, etc.) allow you to adapt the tie to the situation, to the fabric of the tie and / or the shirt and even the look, to the circumstances and , of course, to your aesthetic criteria, being another form of expression of your taste and personality.

Use them with fantasy shirts, it is a perfect opportunity to add color and remove drama, to this classic imprint accessory.



What to wear with tie

As for the looks with which it works, the limits are only you: Do you think you would look less professional if you wear a tie with a leather Perfecto?

Or that you would be completely out of place if you show up for a dinner Perfecto and tie?

I believe that ties, with their infinite variations of fabrics, colors, patterns and knots, of course also the Italian knot, must be taken out of that rigid formal imaginary, and incorporated into everyday life and nights out. There are many accessories that can help you in this process, for example, some sneakers that you probably already have in the closet.

Choose once more the tie of the tie knot that you like, or that you want to with that outfit, and take into consideration the possibility of using knitwear in your look.

A pullover can also be the winter alternative to the traditional blazer. In this case, you should pay more attention than ever to the textures.

The knitwear usually have a lot of relief, so you can play with the texture of both, enriching your image in a different way that can even be a fairly conventional alternative, if that is what you need.

You can also make coordinated between tie and knitwear, in an opportunity of college taste definitely British, to bring your outfit fantasy and color.

How to wear a tie at special events

When it comes to length, there are many opinions about the correct way to wear the tie: just above the belt, well above, covering …?!

I choose the first, just above the belt, without covering it.

As for the knot, in special events, the Italian tie knot simplifies things a lot, although it is not the only one.

In these occasions the shirt is also an element that definitely conditions the final result.

The impeccable white shirt is the most usual choice, but it can also be the most conventional and boring, if suit and tie are especially classic. Without risk and without glory, if what you are looking for is security do not get complicated, this combination is what you need.

But there is another possibility in which the risk is very low and the result is much more modern and interesting, I’m talking about dark shirts.

You can create a “ton sur ton” color scheme. In the image the example is made with a range of grays, but you can also create a much more daring impact if you wear a very dark shirt, even black, with a very light suit, even white.

If you’re going to get married, the most conventional option of all is surely the traditional pale pink silk tie.

I am aware that, on this kind of occasions, family and social pressure can be very oppressive, but once again I invite you to ask yourself if it is worth penis claim your personality and put what you feel represents your personality, although you may not like to your environment, or to wear what others will feel comfortable and happy with …

… there is no correct answer and none is better than another, my advice is that you choose, simply, the one that makes you happiest.