Let’s analyze today the types of men’s trousers and what is more important, how to choose the most suitable for your type of life and your physical appearance.

We started with the most basic type of pants, the most widespread and most common of all types of men’s trousers, the mythical Chino, flat trousers, without tweezers or gathers of any kind and with a usually straight leg line.

Precisely this is the reason for its success, the perfect casual pants to use every day. A version with narrow bottom and worn a little wrinkled knee down is the most modern option, you know, small discrete variants but in men’s fashion can make the difference.

They are suitable for all types of male body but, please, if you have a large accumulation of fat in the belly, do not ever wear a pair of chinos with a narrow belt and the gut that overflows, choose an appropriate size for your waist contour and “play” with shirts and pullovers.

If you need more capacity look for less tight pants, pants more loose from the waist that you can find with or without tweezers. Quite more classic than the Chinese is a trouser associated with formality and professional life and if you have many kilos more, will fit you better, since the tweezers provide the amplitude you need in the abdomen area.

The best option if what you want is a fashionable pants and with a very young spirit are the slim fit pants worn more or less to the extreme. These trousers tmove us to the imaginary of the punk world, to a revolutionary and contestative fashion that you can manage at your leisure adapting them to your style with the help of the rest of the components of the look.

Baggy pants convey a mood of carelessness and laziness associated with very young people and a rebellious spirit. Wide leg and low rise and crotch that make them protagonists of free time. They are also very interesting and much cooler if you buy a couple of sizes larger than you would.

If you’re wondering about the correct leg width do not worry, there are no limits, being a carefree style pants, the “extra” volume looks even more careless and fashionble.

But let’s talk about something as important as the width of the leg of the pants, the rise lengthth. Virtually all types of pants can be made with different crotch lenghts and that will affect the way they dress the male body.

To better understand how it works, I’ll give you the most obvious example: the pants that were fashionable in the 70s with an almost unexistent rise that completely expose the entire area of ​​the abdomen. Naturally for this type of trousers to fit fine, the amount of fat in that area must be under control.

At the opposite end, a very fashionable Jogger pants, with a long and crotch that sometimes creates an effect similar to wearing diapers. If you like these pants (which on the other hand are very comfortable) it is better to avoid this diapers effect by choosing an style with a higher waist that always keeps the pants in place or slightly lower than the actual position of the waist.

From this base of pants you will find many fashion variants that affect the volume, the silhouette and the details, but the most important thing is always to find a good base fitting.

A base so good that fits perfectly in your body, from there you may like more a straight leg shape, wide or flared, not to mention all possible lengths of pants.

A trouser can be more or less expensive depending on the fabric, construction, accessories and of course the brand label but most important of all and what I recommend you to be very demanding is the way in which the trousers adjusts to your body, the way it fits you.

Do not accept pants that make your butt low and fallen, creating an effect that the garment is hanging down behind unable to respect the shapes of your body, whatever that body.

Solutions? Each brand has its secrets in terms of the patterns and the way they dress the body both male and female and as there are as many body shapes as there are people on the planet, the solution is to try on pants until you find the brand that best suits you. adjust to your body and the image you want to convey.

Stay true to that brand with the natural exceptions of the fashion items that you want and you can only find in others.