The denim jacket is the perfect mid-season garment, the one you always have in the car if it refreshes when you go out at night or when you go to work in the early hours of the morning.

This basic wardrobe is perfect because denim is the most widespread fabric on the planet since the 50s, in which it became popular.

Denim was born as a work fabric, but its “democratic” timeless charm catapulted it into the world of fashion.

Denim jacket in female version

Over the years, women have adapted the denim jacket to a feminine way of wearing it, a personal version made of gestures and movement: letting it fall with bare shoulders, showing a bare neck … who has said that denim is only a basic tissue?

Basic yes, but not only. This fabric that today has been mixed with absolutely any type of garment, from shorts to a couture dress, changing each season according to the whimsical swings of fashion, this season F /W”18 -’19, is not an exception.

Women’s denim jacket must be now oversized

If you want a very trendy look this fall, you need an oversize denim jacket, that is, huge proportions, the bigger the better!

Do not save on size, it’s not about wearing on a jacket one or two sizes above yours, if you want a really trendy outfit, you need a much bigger garment, it’s about wearying something huge, better if it’s outrageously big.

Tricks to show oversize volume

MD Personal Shopper, your personal shopper in Madrid, offers you the keys to get the maximum oversize effect with your extra-large denim jacket.

Overlaying garments to increase volume is an easy way to get it. If the look is very casual / sport, I advise you to use sweatshirts, which will also help you compensate one of the disadvantages of denim with the low temperatures of the extremes of the day: denim is a cold fabric!

The sleeves have an essential function when it comes to achieving this “enormity” effect.

At your disposal two alternatives: leave the sleeves down, (better if they cover the hands and are wrinkled by excess of fabric when you put your hands in your pockets) as in the previous image …

…or rolled up with several turns so they do not cover your hands, preventing you from grabbing things. Actually they are natural gestures that we do without thinking, a modern automatism, a gesture that belongs to our day to day, pure practicality.

Almost impossible to imagine a woman of the 50s with a jacket “off-hook” on the shoulders, would have given an impression of unattractive sloppiness in those years, today, however, we feel very cool wearing clothes in this way.

The last “trick” to show the oversize volume is in the silhouette.

I never tire of telling you about the influence of the silhouette when it comes to modifying the total impact of the look and therefore get the effect you want to convey. Oversize volumes are no exception.

If the denim jacket is too big, generating a contrast is simple: lower parts without volume, very narrow and elongated.

Choose very narrow pants, better if they are long …

… or, if you find yourself better with skirts or the occasion requires it, very narrow pencil skirts, better if the length is below the knee, so that the silhouette lengthens even more.

Remember that a skirt is considered a pencil, not only when it is a narrow skirt, that would be a straight skirt, but when it also narrows further below the knee. To show the oversize volume, this is the best option.

An oversize denim jacket can also be very useful when you increase in volume, very useful for example if you are pregnant, a momentary situation for the female body, which forces you to acquire clothes that afterwards you probably will not be able to use again.

Oversize garments in this sense are never disposable, their generous and funny volume guarantees your future in your wardrobe.

The utility of the oversize denim jacket at midseason

At the beginning of this post I talked about the usefulness of the denim jacket during the seasons of intermediate temperatures, spring and autumn.

The first temperatures in which we can perceive important changes these intermediate seasons, are those of the ends of the day, early morning and cooler evenings, especially in autumn.

Put a denim jacket in your wardrobe to face these temperatures, the denim is not a fabric neither too cold nor too warm, its lack of suitability for extreme temperatures, makes it perfect for any time … a little absurd but very useful, hence its success.

Oversize volume to hit with each temperature

For the hot moments of mid-season use large oversize jackets with light and feminine garments, they will save you in the days of very changing temperatures.

They are fine with everything and at any time with light and romantic tops in your day outings, with blouse to go to work or with a lurex garment to surprise at night.

When the temperatures start to be lower, your oversize denim jacket will keep faithful to you.

Wear it to work, in the office will not clash in a practical casual look of work, sure you haven’t formal meetings with customers every day.

I believe that oversize garments also convey a feeling of protection, something like a very useful way to cover yourself in situations where you are “vulnerable” and you need something that makes “carapace”.

The extra-long sleeves of an oversize garment, many sizes larger than what really corresponds to you, also have an aesthetic contribution or rather, condition an attitude and a way to wear the garments and even move … an cool ally to help you walk your shyness without worries!

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