Women’s clothing styles, one for all and …

Or better yet. What style of woman are you? That’s the first question you should answer yourself if you want to delve into the styles of women’s clothing.

For the complex form of feminine dressing I will delve even more in the character and not in the formula that I used in the post on styles of clothes of man, that I published last Monday.

If you did not do it, you should read it right now, since you will be very clear about the generic clothing styles of each form of dressing, linked to preferences, occasions of use and lifestyle. The classification of feminine clothing styles is basically the same, so I want to try to give a radically different approach to today’s post.

Dreamy (today on the cover), independent, seductive, intellectual, shy, optimistic, sullen, relaxed, challenging, sophisticated …

A dreamy woman will probably choose clothes that seduce her and fall in love with the naked eye, regardless of whether they are especially comfortable and practical or not.

Styles of women’s clothes according to character and the occasion of use

A woman whose priority is her professional life, will choose a practical attire that allows her to develop her activity with guarantees. This does not mean that she renounces a fashion garment, as long asfor example it protects her from the cold on a day when her activity takes place outside.

The flexibility of the feminine attire means that both the garments and accessories and the occasions of use have diffuse limits, with a delicious and almost total lack of rigidity that benefits us all.

With the passage of time and the relaxation of forms (and fashions), this uncertainty grows, which means that, if you are a very seductive woman, you do not have to give up hard rock style preferences or, on the contrary, a good girl look with touches of Lolita, interpretations that adapt to clothing styles compatible with your character.

I believe that all women are a little chameleon, not that men are not at all, but their more limited attire in clothing typology and very conditioned by social conventions, diminishes their possibilities.

To put it in a simple way, in all occasions of use, all styles of women’s clothing can coexist (with their own personality) … at the same time!

Stereotypes do not always work when you talk about clothing styles

The stereotype says that an intellectual does not feel any interest in physical appearance, but when the personality comes into play, things change: why not spend a few minutes putting on that lip color that feels so good? That will not make her less cultured …

In the styles of women’s clothing, the standard boxes are not valid. When choosing our clothes, our personality is always present.

When I talk about squares I do not mean only stereotypes and conventionalisms but something much more complex: personal taste.

A shy woman would never choose a look that attracts attention, nor a sophisticated vulgar accessory, they will not choose an article that deeply displeases them, but they may make some resignation for social reasons, but they will put forward their need to hide one, or draw attention to the other.

Body types, the other variant talking about women’s clothing styles

This strange mix of priorities style-taste-need, combined with the element “occasion of use”, makes women’s clothing styles intermingle.

In an equation as complex as talking about clothing styles, you have to take into account fixed elements (like clothes and accessories) and variable elements. To these I am going to add now one of the most complicated variables at all … your body!

An optimistic girl will always look for happy and fun clothes that make her happy, those clothes that lick the attention where she goes, excessive and fun, but that she does not always find in the size she needs …

Exactly on the opposite extreme we find a woman of a sullen character, who wants the world to pass by without disturbing her.

Although it may sound a bit excessive (I admit critical comments), not all women feel completely “free” in the face of fashion … am I wrong?

Fashion, the occasion, our body and our character, are variables to be taken into account every day, which means that a style of women’s clothing is not simply that, a style, but something much more complex.

Attitude to life, a style of clothing in itself

A person of relaxed spirit will always choose flexible clothes and accessories that do not condition excessively or the occasion of use, nor the comfort when wearing them.

It is unlikely that a relaxed woman will acquire a corset, unless she needs it to get into a dress she does not want to give up because she is excited and chooses to suffer a bit …

Clothing is an instrument that we instinctively use

If a woman confronts the world as a continuous challenge, she will look for garments from which she feels covered and protected, hoods or example…

It’s as simple as that: we instinctively choose a style with which we feel comfortable because it reflects our character better, we improve it with our taste to feel more authentic in it, we adapt it to an occasion of necessity and contaminate it with whims, fleeting fashions and personal longings.

Sophisticated woman has remained in the inkwell, seductive in appearance, with happy days in which she feels optimistic and sullen days in which she wants to be left in peace, that puts on an uncomfortable suit for a commitment event when she would like to be in pajamas at home with a good book, that has left running of the work leaving without finishing a subject that needed to close … do you recognize yourself?

Saving the nuances of each sex, men can also serve this post, since character and personality, taste, occasion of use and external influences, condition the style (or better the mix of styles) of clothes that each person wants to choose for own wardrobe.

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