What do I wear on a blind date?

Yes, I know, in this kind of occasions in which the goal is very ambitious so must be the determination to achieve it so you are at that point destination to help you achieve it through your personal image.

The most suitable look for a first blind date is the one in which you are in your skin, but also the one that conveys an image of the best of you and for that here are a few tips on Image Consultant tricks garments to achieve it.


First meeting, the goal is to distinguish yourself from the rest, naturalness has a prize.

In blind dates the objectives go in phases, in this first one the most important thing is to show who you are naturally, deepen in who you are and leave it to the second date, so I ask you: who are you?

It is very useful to answer that question honestly before going on a first date, it is essential to delve into your personality to choose a wardrobe that reflects it.


In events where many people participate, changing from position to wheel to get to know them all, it is even more important to distinguish yourself and get an image that represents you, you can do it with small details that speak of you, with your preferences in terms of colors even using a striking garment, or that comes from your hobbies (rock, fishing, weightlifting, caving, surfing …) this will be enough so that your image does not leave indifferent the people participating in the event, and also will lend a hand to start a conversation.


Take care of your accessories, they distinguish you

Wearing an accessory (I’m a big fan of men’s scarves) that you feel good in and is familiar to you will also have a reassuring and self-confident effect that will be transmitted to the way you walk and present yourself, two benefits with just one choice, who gives more?


It could be those socks that bring you luck, the scarf you wore on that occasion when you got that dream job or a lucky hat that always accompanies you on vacation, think a little about items in your closet and choose the one that meets these characteristics.


Eyeglasses are a differentiating accessory that always accompanies you, hence their importance. When it comes to this article you should have a specialist in Image accompany you to choose them, it is one of the bets of quality in your personal image.


Blind date look- Clothes you can rely on

Let’s take a look now at the clothes you have in your closet that you can rely on and that can become the protagonists of that first romantic date.

The first garment you can rely on is a blazer, but only if you are a person who is very comfortable with it, otherwise you will spend the date flapping like a chick for those armholes that do not let you move freely.


The blazer is a very versatile garment that you can manage at will to give a youthful, formal, casual, daring look… have you already answered the question I asked you at the beginning of the post?


The second item that for me is a talisman of confidence and security is knitwear, it can be a sweater, a cardigan, a turtleneck pullover or any other knitted item that makes you feel yourself and comfortable.


The polo shirt is an interesting garment, it favors people of different ages, it is easy to combine and adapts to many styles, always with a light casual spirit that is much appreciated.


The neckline of this garment is especially flattering as it leaves room for the face, and there is a supply of color and fantasy of this item on the market, which only shirts can surpass.


Don’t underestimate the impact of presence that the leather/knit combination has, if you are in the cold season this is one of the best formulas you can create.



The printed shirts are very attractive to me, especially those with a dark blue background, but also others are printed shirts that can be adjusted to different personalities even with very daring proposals.


Even in their formality they can make you look like a relaxed but stylish man, and that’s not easy to achieve …


But if your thing is something more daring, remember that naturalness has a prize, take off your clothes!


The denim shirt is always a great idea, you handle it as you want with what you wear underneath you can even or you can also wear the brocade, if you are not very fit she will enhance your look. A great option is to use it as a jacket and decide what style you want to give your look according to what you put under it.


Short sleeve shirts are a bit risky, the success depends on the fabric and the accessories that the garment has, they can become a success or be ridiculous. Make sure the short sleeve is narrow and not baggy, wide short sleeves give a definitely old look, if you do not have a shirt in conditions, better long sleeves rolled up.


That vest that you have in your closet and that you bought for a special occasion is a safe bet for this first date, it can disguise any little defect that has your silhouette and give you a casual or semi-formal tone that will remove iron to the situation: forget the feeling of insecurity that invades you, with a vest you are always safe.


Under the vest shirt or t-shirt, you choose, I personally think the shirt gives a better result, but for that is the personality, if you fit better the shirt with your closet and style, then the t-shirt will be fine.


And, of course, black shirt with black vest means of course to forget about any complications.


Don’t you see yourself? Then forget about the set you have created, if you don’t see yourself, no one will “see you”.


Don’t hide!

Do not use the garments with the aim of camouflaging your image, exactly the opposite is what would make you succeed, with this I do not mean that you can not wear a turtleneck sweater, in fact it is a good choice in the colder seasons because it is simple and you can choose it in a color that you feel, what I mean is that you do not

make overlays of complicated and chaotic garments in which it is not understood who you are and only draws attention to what you are wearing with the aim of not risking anything, choose the opposite, simplicity in color and form for clear communication, something that allows you, the person, to be seen and not a confusing chaos that will only convey a sense of fear.


A golden rule: take care of your overall appearance.

Although it is something that is taken for granted, I’m going to specify…

The care with which you get ready to go on a date is almost always concentrated on your face, maybe a little more, even on your upper body up to the waist, forgetting the rest, but… what do you think happens if a perfect face is accompanied by dirty shoes?


Tall, short, fat, skinny, handsome, ungainly, albino, good, hairy, solid, ugly… blue, no matter how you are this rule applies to everyone, take care of your appearance as a whole impeccably, that first image of you will be the one that the person in front of you will keep in the memory, and the fact that you will see each other again, or not, will depend, among other things, of this image as a whole.


Other details that matter, help yourself with the context.

Your attire matters, your attitude matters too, even if you’re not in a job interview, present yourself appropriately, decisively focused on conveying an attitude that matches your image, whatever you’ve chosen: if you’re a more casual guy AND maybe a little shy, present yourself formally, if you’re friendly and relaxed, present yourself with a big smile that shows the way you see life.


If you are a shy person, choosing the place where you are going to meet, a place where you feel comfortable and where you are known will give you a certain peace of mind so that it will be very easy to know how to dress for a meeting in that place.


Always leave a good feeling in the memory

If you wear a mask a mask is what they will remember the person they have had in front of them, it is much better to show the person you are in harmony with what you have decided to wear.

There is another Post located on this type of events, where you will find more tips and ideas to get a perfect blind date look.

Whether you like the person you have met or not, it is convenient to leave an open door, maybe with the passage of time the memory you have of that person may change with the circumstances of life to meet her again and you might regret having behaved incorrectly because at the time that person was not particularly nice to you…


If the blind date went very well and you are ready to continue… Goal achieved, the second date is a different story…