It’s the million-dollar question, which pair of jeans should I buy?

Women of all ages, body types and lifestyles wear jeans, and they all ask themselves this question, well, in this post I give you the answer.

The type of jeans that suits you, is conditioned by your physique, your measurements and your physical structure, but to find the right jeans, you have to have at least an idea of the variables that exist between the different types of jeans, so you know how they dress your body.

Don’t be fooled by fashionable names: cropped, straight, baggy, flared, jegging, loose, skinny… what matters here is the wearability of the jeans and that is not defined by confusing commercial names.

The shape of the jeans is conditioned by two fundamental measurements, the height of the leg and the width of the leg.

The first one defines fundamentally the way the jeans “fit” on your body, the second one the volume of the trousers.

High-waisted or high-rise jeans, wearability is king

A high-waist jean can cover the navel, or even go up to the waist.

The rise measures the curve of the curve, from the bottom of the trousers (where the two legs meet and overlap), and the centre of the physical waist at the front and back.

Although it may seem to you that the two curves could be similar, this has nothing to do with reality, since the front curve is short, and the back curve is much longer, and it is precisely the difference that allows the trousers to cover and “see” the backside well, one of the characteristics to be taken into account when choosing a model of women’s jeans.

The shape of the waistband definitely affects the wearability, it is not a matter of centimeters, but of millimeters, each brand keeps its secrets, but everything also changes depending on the model and the washing that has been done to it. Women’s high-waist jeans if you need capacity and control

Women’s high-waist jeans if you need capacity and control

These trousers offer you this resource with guarantees, so, if your body is not as tonic as before, choose a pair of trousers that maintain your curves in the right position, the high or medium rise is perfect to keep that control.

If you find a pair of trousers that fits you particularly well, or a brand that has a pattern that fits your body really well, you’ll want to stick with it!

It’s not just about being slim or not, the body changes shape over the years, and with high or mid-rise trousers (try several to see how comfortable they are), you will feel more confident and more “dressed up”, probably the feeling you are looking for.

Low waisted trousers. 70’s style

I, for example, can’t stand high-waist trousers, I need to feel free from waist and hips, so I like very short trousers, in fact, I usually wear low-rise jeans in a 70’s style, although they are not necessarily wide-legged… although they are too!

When you think about buying women’s jeans, evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages that each type of leg offers you before buying, fashion is not the most important thing.

Wide or skinny jeans, a matter of fashion, comfort and taste

In the picture, wide trousers with a very low rise, the essence of comfort and casual, free and carefree fashion.

It is curious that the most successful trousers of our time are also one of the most uncomfortable… haven’t you noticed?

Denim, is a thick, cold cotton fabric, is not at all a ductile fabric, does not protect from rain and is, unless you dye it, limited in color, and yet …they are among the most worn trousers of our time.

Slim trousers

Super skinny jeans only look good on teenage bodies or very slim women, and they are undeniably uncomfortable, unless you wear them in stretch denim, which is much uglier (yes, it shows), otherwise, you know, you have to suffer for aesthetics, which I personally have always found to be a good reason.

When they become fashionable, as has happened in 2019/20, men and women with all kinds of physiques, wear these narrow or super narrow jeans like leggings, with terrifying results: make no mistake, there are fashions that do not suit everyone, if you do not have a slim body and you have some love handles, these trousers look really bad, even worse with stretch fabric, the height of vulgarity.

Women’s straight jeans, the style that lasts longest in time

Regardless of your preferred trouser length, straight jeans fits you.

This leg width, neither wide nor narrow, does not belong to a particular fashion or trend, although you will find them in many different lengths, lately below the knee and at the ankle are the most common, but this is sure to change with fashion.

These jeans are the ones that fit best in general, also for curvy women and, as you can see in the image, from straight trousers, you can find more or less slanted leg shapes, which can even end up in a real “elephant leg”.

As for the color, if you need to lengthen your figure or hide some “extra” kilos, you already know that dark colors are more appropriate than dark ones to achieve it.

Trousers with darts, problem or solution

I love jeans with pleats, halfway between a relaxed casual style and a more sophisticated one, a fashionable bet with which you can even camouflage an incipient “tummy”, but do not trust, the thick denim does not forgive the extra volume if it is not well disguised, you should try different possibilities.

Tip on color

Dark, unwashed jeans are also very cool, and are suitable for more wearing occasions: if you want to combine dark jeans for women, wear them with a blazer to the office, or any semi-formal occasion.

What to avoid when buying and wearing women’s jeans

As for “fashion” jeans with elastic at the waist, huge, I don’t think you need me to tell you that, if you are overweight, they are not suitable for you, and that, on the other hand, if you are skinny, and as much as the bombardment of advertising images would have you believe, with this type of trousers you look like a needle inside a huge garment in which you float without grace and without shape.

Don’t let yourself be conditioned by fashion, or at least not only, nowadays there are many options, and not all of them are for all women…oh, and don’t fall into vulgarity, don’t wear your jeans pinned and fitted, there’s nothing less stylish!


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