High-waisted pants have been with us for a couple of years, and they are among the Fall-Winter Trends 2020/2021.

They had been a must have, especially in an extra-Slim version, and now they are reversed for the next season, but the high-waisted pants are not easy pants, they were not in the 80s and now they are not, especially because almost all women have a habit of buying it in the wrong size and or wearing it wrong, so here are the keys to reinterpret it in a way that feels good to you.

The high-rise pants are in principle a comfortable pants that adapts like a glove to the feminine silhouette, defiantly marking all and designing of its curves, if you have a privileged body the result stands up, but if you are overweight or you are extremely thin The high-waisted pants are not forgiving indeed, should discourage any, and yet it has become overcrowded to the point that almost all women have one in the closet.

On the cover, the high-rise jeans in washed black denim are perfectly fitted covering the navel, which is the correct way to wear these pants.

High-rise jeans, a trend that continues

High-rise jeans continue to play a leading role in Fall Winter Trends 20/21

High-waisted pants

They have no intention of disappearing, but the autumn version of these high-rise jeans is renewed in their silhouette and in the way they are worn, so this fall they have a comfortable volume, with a straighter leg and often with the bottom of the pants rotated about 10 centimeters upwards for a more casual look.

Wear them with tastefully challenging t-shirt overlays and styles to test your styling skills.

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But the trendiest look with high-waisted jeans this time is a T-shirt overlay and on top a shirt used as a “jacket” and tucked inside the jeans, a more modern look that is my favorite for this season and that you It will take to update your high waisted jeans in a very cool way.

Keep on wearing your high-rise jeans, if they fit you well they are pants that still have a lot of life and that will be very useful combined with Jackets, one of the first Trends of Autumn-Winter 2020/2021 that you will soon find in a post here, on the Blog of MD Personal Shopper.

You can use all of your high-waisted jeans, but the trendiest ones will be tweezers, with a more generous volume.

As at the beginning you will wear it with lighter garments, remember that, if you decide to leave the gut exposed, it is better to be decisive, as in the cover image, otherwise you will not do it!

High-rise pants with shirt in Fall Winter 20/21


“Shirts are always tucked inside” would be the motto to respect this season, but I tell you not to do it because it is fashionable but because as the super wide and high waist of the pants the effect is more stylized, in the image with a very light fabric shirt.

Checked Clothes will be the protagonist once again in trends, in this image you can see it in plaid pants with a very light shirt, but you should take a look at my post on Woman’s Plaid shirt  for the arrival of the cold, with thick fabrics like corduroy the shirt inside can be very bulky so use a belt to keep the shirt flat and under control.

Blazer with high-waisted pants in Fall-Winter Trends 2020/2021


If you haven’t read my post Blazer, a Wildcard in Women’s Wardrobe yet you better do it, because high-waisted pants with blazers are all the rage.

There are many styles of high-waisted pants, but this time the essentials will be those with a very high waist and with a belt in the same fabric as the pants, fabulous in autumn.

On the other hand, total black, one of the easiest trends to reproduce with elements already present in your wardrobe, returns to the charge next season.

If you like shooting pants and you have a few kilos left over, choose a high-rise pants style that fits your curves well, the total black look will be your ally in autumn.

Chunky knitwear with high waisted pants


Chunky knit is always essential in the fall winter wardrobe, but this time it is also a strong Fashion Trend in big knitwear that will have its own post this season.

To build a good look one of the main issues to consider is the silhouette, and high-waisted pants with high-volume knitwear is a very desirable trend for this winter.

Sweaters in Fall Winter 20/21 with high-waisted pants


Thick or thin sweaters, what matters once again is to wear them tucked inside but be careful, you have to find a balance between this fashion and your body, a good choice of the elements that participate in the look can greatly affect the result, good or bad.

If the sweater is very thick, do not combine it with pants that are also thick, such as corduroy pants, better a light cotton trousers  velvet “touch”, and, if you wear it with a plaid shirt tucked inside, the look will be in perfect Fall-Winter 2020/2021 trend.

If you are going to wear a sweater inside your high-waisted pants, you must also take into account the color factor since light colors greatly increase the optical effect of the look’s volume. Look carefully in the mirror at the result (also from behind), if you pay attention to these indications you will be ready for your fashionable look for next season.


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