Black nail manicure is a trend in nail fashion, but are you sure you know how to combine them and thus squeeze their full potential?

Black is among the worst considered nail colors, as it has always been a thing of “transgressive and dark” urban tribes. In the 80s, Gothics and Punks often wore black fingernails with pride, while Posh people, Heavies, Mods and Hip Hop ‘lovers, looked at them disgusted…they had had to agree on something!

Not long after, neo-thefts and Grunge followers even Glam people, began to wear them. After this and until recently nothing, the fashion world had forgotten them, an Eighth residue with no interest in the fashion of this century…


How to get the look with black nails according to your style

As usual, fashion rotates and stirs about itself like a cat, until something like black fingernails nails re-likes, with another criterion, with another way of wearing them… the funny thing is that this time, it’s not a fad that for a few, but a global “must”.

Flirty, friendly and even happy, that is, the world upside down, today’s black nails would have disgusted any gothic of the 80’s who was proud to be so, but today the black nails worn with cheerful clothes and a frivolous attitude, are very cool.

The Military-style boots, a punk emblem and symbol of a contested way of dressing, have also been integrated into that way of dressing, unaware that at one time, they were the opposite.


You can also wear them integrated in casual attire without any “fashion intent”, with your everyday look, just like any other accessory.

Knowing the origin of a trend, is the best way to know how to use it, and wearing black nails had a dark function, I dare say macabre, and that possibility is still hidden on them.

They can be deliciously unsettling, accompanying your image with an “aura of mystery and darkness”, something like a seductive game of a difficult puzzle to unravel, an attractive and irresistible spider web.


But black nails cannot be magical on their own, it is necessary to surround them with other elements with the same spirit: symbolic tattoos, ceremonial accessories, gothic jewelry or a contrast worthy of a horror film.

If you like that terrifying air taste, among the images, of 80s music groups like The Cure or Joy Division, you’ll find all the inspiration you need, and not just in terms of nail color.

How to wear black fingernails, short or long nails?


Short black nails are the winning bet and don’t belong to a specific taste, they’ve crossed the boundaries of style, you can find them in a New York nightclub, an office in Madrid or a suburb in Tokyo, it’s the most sophisticated version of black fingernails.

At this time they are very sophisticated, and do not seem to intend to stop being so, so keep them in mind next time you see what an occasion to dazzle at an event, they are perfect for example for a Cocktail.

Black nails are worn short or very short, in no case square and much less pointed.


Extra-long nails are no longer worn in any case, neither black nor other color (except the followers of the singer Rosalia) and it is not already fashionable to paint only the edge of the nails… but when you will read this post, maybe trends will be changed again, who knows.

In any case, the rules for wearing black fingernails are no different from those of the other colors: poorly painted, peeled and broken, offers impression of slovenliness in any color, also in black. Nails should be painted to cover completely or leaving only a millimeter, without stains or edges and of course with clean cuticles.


Wear them however you want, with permanent or normal manicure, but always perfect. If you choose permanent manicure, I imagine that you are already informed of the dangers of poor-quality enamels and the horrific consequences they produce on nails and hands.

The permanent manicure is comfortable and practical, but like everything that has to last, must be of good quality… as in the case of cosmetic surgery: do it only if you can pay for quality, if not, better normal nail polish, even if you have to paint your fingernails every night to wear them perfect, this also applies to the men.

Other fashionable nail colors-  infinite red manucure

A good manicure is always a good business card for both, men and women.

Hands always move, “talk”, you squeeze ideas with them and draw with them graphics in the air to explain yourself. You use them, to emphasize, to challenge, to convince, to oppose, to seduce … a flawless manicure is important whether you wear enameled nails or not. Never go to an important occasion or a working interview with poorly maintained hands, for better and for worse they will influence the impression you leave, whether male or female.


Red enamels are always fashionable, but you should be careful with the danger of red tones because, depending on the tone of your skin, some may make your hands appear swollen or reddened.

The colors are not exactly the same, the infinity of intermediate tones of each color are even less, there are shades of yellowish red, orangeade, coppery or “pulling” to ochre, and they can have undersee effects on your hands.


Take time to find the color for the shade of red that suits you best. Choose various shades of red, even some that you don’t like, and ask for a piece of zeal to stick on the skin and try the different tones, the result will surprise you. If that is not possible, bring the little boat closer to the skin of your hands as best as possible and always with natural light, you will choose better.

Once you have found it, count on it also as a Accessories for a red dress, because with garments of the same color it is even more difficult to hit the nail tone.

The shades of red that come very close to brown, dark and earthy, are among the colors of nails that do not go out of fashion, but also have the advantage of transmitting elegance, something very useful in unfriendly situations in which you need to feel safe. If they are suitable for your skin tone, you can abuse them also by coordinating them with the colors of lipsticks, a guaranteed good taste note in your look.

Nail colors that are not fashionable… by now!

Finally, the colors of nails that are not fashionable at the moment: there is nothing less cool than wearing the nails green, blue, pink, purple …

If you like strong and vivid fingernails nail colors and are a squat fashion follower, you are unlucky, as much can you paint your nails beige, but the “original” colors are discarded. But do not despair, fashion will turn on itself again like a cat… and, moreover, what matters most, is a good manicure!


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