The borders between the different ways of dressing at present are very diffuse: casualwear, sportswear, leisurewear merge in the street with normality.

From the mix of all of them born the perfect casual look for women, a mix of occasions of use and styles so you can enjoy a modern style that also uses the resources of your wardrobe to the fullest.

The increase of garments and accessories in women’s wardrobes due to the greater accessibility of fashion items has made magic, we no longer have a wardrobe specialized only in garments for their usefulness and our lifestyle, now garments and accessories belonging to many different occasions of use, they coexist without complexes in our wardrobe.

I am sure that you understand perfectly what it means to dress with a women casual look but today I propose to go a step further and compose an interesting casual look and full of interesting contents.

Today’s post starts with images that could belong to your professional life, since today the rules of women’s attire are not as rigid: a touch of lence, some “impertinent” accessories that belong to sport and leisure time or some color.

There are no longer strict limits or automatic associations between a material or a fabric and the “right” moment to use it.

Until a few years ago it was not correct (or in any case it seemed out of place), to use a metallic accessory, which was automatically associated with a special occasion, in an outfit for any daytime activity.

In the mid-80s this mentality began to change and today it seems perfectly normal to see a metallic bag on the street at any time.

Precisely in that consists the creation off an interesting woman casual look o, in choosing resources of different styles and occasions of use and mixing them in a look. To achieve this successfully, the accessories have a determining function.

Today I have chosen a few very representative images of this formula that, if you learn to use well with regard to fabrics and materials, will help you to achieve a modern image, guaranteed success.

In addition to accessories there is an element that over time has gained prominence and can also help you to put the necessary point of contrast so that this look can get the qualification of casual.

I speak of denim in all its applications: jeans, skirts, jackets, sneakers …

So that the look we are creating can be called casual we need that some element of the look belongs to the world of casual clothing. If you wear a pair of jeans in a look with soft colors and conventional spirit garments, you will get a casual and smooth look, everyday, but never boring, perfect if you do not like eccentricities.

But if you’re very young and you understand fashion as an experimental game without limits and with a huge component of fun, I suggest you mixing the denim with shirts and bright night fabrics, a look between romantic and revolutionary, deliciously modern.

If there is a material that can not be lacking in a casual look that is cotton in any of its forms, we have already talked about denim, a cotton fabric with a lot of personality, also due to the many variants that are obtained with washes and treatments , but there is more.

Coming from the world of sports and adding another occasion of use to our elaborate casual mix, we find sweatshirts that, along with all kinds of shirts, have an infinite contribution to the casual world.

To generate the result you are looking for women, you can wear them with a fantasy skirt to go to the office or go out to dinner, remember that one of the rules of a good casual attire is to create some confusion in regard to the occasion of use.

Another component that makes a look have a casual look is your attitude, something that you should never underestimate because, through it, you transmit a message that will define the use you make of the look.

I’m sure you do not behave the same at a party as at a café with your best friend, at a date you want to seduce or at work …

Although it seems strange, this will also modify the “message” you transmit, making your look more or less casual.

Footwear is another of the protagonists in the creation of a casual look for women and, in this sense, sneakers are very useful to achieve a convincing contrast in terms of style and occasion of use.

Observe the image: sneakers from sportswear, pleated skirt for work or dinner outside and basic t-shirt, a look that is not festive, either for the office or for a special occasion and, nevertheless, has elements of all these occasions, the perfect modern casual attire.

What I do advise is that you choose the most appropriate casual attire for each activity, giving priority or using more elements of each from the point of view of the strict limits of practicality. I explain:

There are garments and accessories that you can use in any casual look mixing, as I have explained, elements of different occasions of use, but there are elements that are exclusive.

You can use sneakers to go to a party, but you can not use a sequins dress, that hooks with gym machines, to play sports.

Beyond these pure practical considerations, today there are no rules in the casual world, just have fun.