If you are looking for the equivalence sizes of men’s trousers, you may have already realized that there are variations between the tables of measurements you find.

I know, you want me to give you a quick solution to enter a store and ask for pants that are exactly your size, without having to try several and without losing time, but someone has to tell you: that “magic” table, does not exist.

For this reason, if you are going to buy an online trouser, do it only if you are allowed to change it.

You can find one of those tables that propose a size correspondence, but to consult them, the first thing they have to take into account is the heith, although almost no table does it. If you are going to look for a table of measurements online, make sure that you also take into account this fundamental fact of your physiognomy, in this way the correspondence that will provide will be as reliable as possible.

The tables of measures are a maze of numbers that not only do not always take into account the unit of measurement of each country, but they also cannot reflect changes that correspond to the philosophy and style of each brand, especially in the case of the most casual and young, but also in regards to garments designed for adults.

I’ll explain. The tables of measures take into account mainly waist and hip, that is, the measurement of the contour of those parts of the body, but many of them do not take into account for example the rise or naturally the volume of each model in particular.

I want to invite you to reason about that concept so that you can also discuss any fixed rule. I will try rather to explain what you have to look for according to the result you need …

Probably you have ever seen a man with a pair of pants several sizes bigger than he should have been and you thought about how cool he was …

A simple example: imagine that you want to create more complicity with your children and you would like to share the style of casual pants that they are so excited about.

Choose then a “relaxed” style pants, wide, comfortable and with a very low rise, but buy one or two sizes larger than what corresponds to your waist and hip. If you feel that you are not able to wear “off-hook” pants, put on a casual belt and let that extra volume accumulate excessively, you will achieve the effect you are looking for.

For the opposite example we chose the very different situation: a young person in his first job interview.

Do not even think about those “comfortable” pants that you are used to, this time you need a look that transmits security and confidence, that takes away your lack of practical experience from the head of the interviewer, that is, you need all the formality of the that you are capable of.

To achieve this, you need a tight pair of pants, even if you are not going to wear a suit and you are going to put on a jacket of a different color.

Three are then the components to consider and with which to play: size-style-occasion of use. Evaluate them carefully to choose the correct pants in the most convenient size for each occasion. Taking into account the number of possible combinations of these three elements, you will have to adapt them to your wardrobe and lifestyle to evaluate them all.

To better understand the types of pants that I am talking about, see before continuing my post Type of men’s trousers, will help you understand how to choose the size of pants that suits you.

If you want to achieve a good result, the first thing is to look for brands whose clothes fits you best. Here there are no shortcuts or tricks possible, you should spend some time to try different types of pants to know the brands that work best in your body.

Try different models of each, you will see that there are important variations among narrow, relaxed and baggy pants of the same brand, ie: that the slim fit pants of a brand are perfect for your body, does not mean that the baggy are as well.

Oh, do not forget that jeans, due to the behavior of the fabric and the modifications that it undergoes for the different washes and treatments, have their own visibilities and rules so, try them too.

Dedicate to jeans the time they deserve, they are among the indisputable protagonists of the masculine attire, since now, in addition, they have incorporated to the work look without complexes.

And do not underestimate the differences of dressing and size among different brands of denim specialists and not only: in the same brand, in the same size, but with two different treatments, which can decisively infer not only in the appearance, but in the trouser volume.

There are no fixed recipes, try different styles of any pant at any brand until you find those that best suit your body because, a pant that makes a “diapers” effect or looks like leggings, could put you in trouble sometime.