Have you ever been on an online dating site, or do you prefer to meet face to face?

Meetic, Darling, Ourtime, tinder… do you know what they have in common? Well, whatever your date is, and whether you are a man or a woman, you need to think about how you are going to dress!

The process of dressing for a blind date depends on what the goal is and, as I am a romantic, I dedicate this post to people whose goal is to find a partner to share life with, partners with a romantic ideal.

How to dress for a romantic date

Singles committed to finding a relationship… sounds good, doesn’t it? The question is not how to get a romantic date, that’s what the dating app is for, the question is to have an image that meets your goals, let me guess:

  • You want your image to match your personality.
  • You don’t need to worry about uncomfortable clothes or shoes.
  • You want to be attractive, but not artificial.
  • You want to hide those little flaws that make you feel insecure.

So here we go!

How to create an image with personality for a blind date

Don’t fall into the trap of dressing “like it’s right” or rather, choose clothes and accessories that speak about you, dressing up is not a winning bet, here’s the recipe for dressing with personality for that romantic date: don’t automatically think about buying clothes, the ones you already have are the ones that best reflect your personality, after all, you are not selling a product, but creating the opportunity to find someone who likes you.

From your clothes, don’t choose the ones that everyone says look good on you, but the ones that you feel good in!

The problem is that many times, you don’t know how to combine the clothes you have to get the look you’d like to wear to that romantic date, so I suggest you read Color combinations for men’s clothes, a guide that will help you discover that your wardrobe has more resources than you think.

Whatever you are, the important thing is not to camouflage your personality under a disguise, so choose an outfit that represents you: fashion, transgressive, shy, rebellious, conservative… if the blind date goes well, it’s because you like each other just the way you are.

Avoid uncomfortable clothes or shoes on a romantic date.

For the date to be successful, it’s important to show who you are, and that means choosing an outfit that reflects who you are, and then “enhancing” that outfit with extra content: accessories, details…

As important as what I have just told you, is not to entrust your image to an uncomfortable element, something that you like and makes you feel good, but that forces you to pay constant attention, and that will make you lose sight of the person you have in front of you… a date that is going great could be ruined because those high heels you wanted to like force you to constantly reposition them on the stool, or that new hat, slips off and you don’t know how to hold it…

The stranger in front of you might attribute your attitude as a rejection, the worst thing that could happen.

An attractive, but not artificial look on your blind date

Have mutual friends organized some kind of event for you to meet? It doesn’t matter if it happened that way or if you went on a dating app, what counts is that you don’t look like a Christmas tree!

The desire to look attractive can play tricks, and this one in particular can lead to ridicule.

Dress appropriately for the occasion, don’t wear party clothes if you’re meeting for coffee, just because you think it’s the latest thing you’ve bought.

A dress that fits you well in a fabric that is appropriate for the time and place of the date is a guarantee of success without complications, you only have to worry about choosing the right accessories to complete the look.

Knitwear conveys warmth and facilitates connection and confidence, both essential at a time like this, use them in all seasons adapting the look to the temperatures.

For men, the jumper with a shirt is a resource to consider, but my favorite is the turtleneck jumper.

Use a T-shirt as a substitute for a shirt when wearing a jacket in the in-between seasons, it’s more modern, and you can also wear it under a shirt, it’s more casual.

Romantic date goal: disguise flaws that create insecurity

For women I always recommend thinking about a blazer, its shoulder structure conveys security and creates a silhouette that has under control some of the most common concerns of the female silhouette, but as an alternative I suggest you take a look at How to disguise the belly, with a thousand tricks that you will love, and not just for a romantic date.

Dress according to that characteristic of yours that makes you feel insecure, but not because you are afraid of being less attractive, but because that little defect that weighs you down so much, will make you feel tense, unable to show yourself as you are, so take care of the “defect” so you can concentrate on what counts, not on whether or not the other person is looking at that area … believe me, what a person looking for love is looking at, is the eyes.

If you are realizing that you don’t like the way you look, the idea of going on a romantic date has forced you to reflect on your image and the role it plays in your social life, in this case I offer you my Personal Image Consulting, which will make you feel better about yourself, but do it for yourself, not because you will look better with one outfit or another, or with a different hairstyle, that only brings frustration.


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