If your goal for your next trip is to make the perfect suitcase, do not miss this logical guide that will explain, step by step, the actions to follow to achieve it, taking into account the fundamental questions that you must answer before starting: where, when, how long and why.

The real trick to make the perfect suitcase is, first of all, to objectively and honestly answer these questions.

If you think you can make the perfect suitcase at the last moment you’re wrong, it’s practically impossible for you to be able to collect all the elements of the suitcase under the pressure of haste, so the first thing is to think about the objectives and the needs of the trip.

With clear ideas, start to put on top of a table in your house, the fundamental things that are happening to you as fundamental elements of that suitcase, objects or perhaps accessories that you consider important and that you can not forget.

When you’re not at home and ideas come to mind, take notes. I do not recommend making a physical list because you will not always have it on hand, you can use the posts it with notes to go past the house and the office, the application of mobile notes or a recorder, which best fits your life, but that if not axes to register your ideas.

While you are thinking about clothes and objects and the duration of the trip, you will be doing in your head an idea of the type of container you will need: a suitcase to arrive impeccably to that business meeting, a suitcase where you can put the folded garments, a backpack with a lot of capacity, but little order, a trolley to move quickly between airports and trains … each type of suitcase has advantages and disadvantages.

Start packing at least a day before the trip, even if you have to put the suitcase on the floor of your bedroom.

Think now about the activity that you will develop every day and “dress up” mentally without forgetting the accessories, being on a trip does not justify neglecting your image. This includes some “useless” element of those that add personality

First always the shoes. If you have to put the ones you are going to use the last day, leave the space reserved for them in an angle of the suitcase.

Put them clean and bagged individually, ready to use. You can use felt or plastic bags, choose what is most resistant and suitable for the type of shoes you will wear.

Choose them with a very practical mentality, uncomfortable footwear will turn any trip into a nightmare. Both on a business trip and on a vacation you will need a pair of sneakers for sports, a walk or a sightseeing tour. Even the most demanding work trips have some leisure time.

We continue with the clothes. The one that you need every day, according to climate and occasion of use, but do not forget to introduce some element with spark without any apparent practical advantage. That whim will serve to give character to your look at some special moment of the trip.

In work trips this planning is especially important, but also if you go on vacation, although, in this case, you must give priority to practicality … you will have the chance to acquire a whim in your destination place that later brings personality to your wardrobe.

The next step is to optimize the suitcase. Space is limited so think about elements that can bring variations based on the basic garments you have introduced, clothes and accessories that can help transform your look throughout the day according to the occasion: from a shirt to attend a concert even a taffeta skirt for a formal evening engagement.

Regarding the folding of the garments, above all you need to be impeccable: The suits always in suits bags (also those of women). The large garments like skirts and pants as flat and with fewer folds as possible, take advantage of the entire length of the suitcase. All knitwear rolled or flat, which best suits the shape of your suitcase.

Now put on your underwear. Introduce always two units for each day, especially underpants and panties. Keep in mind that underwear should be in harmony with the clothes you wear. An example would be a suitable fastening for a strapless dress or a pair of tight underpants for very narrow pants.

Tights, socks and scarves filling holes and protecting delicate areas or garments.

Next, the extras.

Once the base is made, you can incorporate extra elements that serve as a help on unforeseen occasions and in accidents. For example, garments that get stained, although hotel cleaning services can also help you with this problem.

These extras should be flexible and work well with other components of the suitcase.

It is advisable to put some jeans in the suitcase, whether it is a work trip or a vacation, but make sure they are of the right weight for the temperatures of the moment.

The beauty bag should be perfectly insulated, so my advice is that you carry it in a handbag if possible, if not, inside the suitcase. In both cases, no protection is sufficient. Exaggerate The liquids inside the luggage are a real danger and the maximum protection is always low.

There are specific bags and containers prepared for the trips that I advise you to use. They have sealed seams, so they are very reliable.

Obviously a suitcase for 3 or 5 days is not the same as, for 1 month, but the main rules do not change.

Even for a long trip my advice is that you do not take “the whole closet”, it will create confusion in the place of destination and you will not be able to manage your resources well, which must be under control.

Do not forget to put a bag in a corner where you can deposit used clothing that is no longer clean. If the trip is long and it has not been possible to put clothes in your suitcase every day, you can use the services of the hotel or buy some garment (maybe something exotic that also serves to bring originality to your wardrobe) and underwear.

Remember that, if you do not have time or you do not want to confront that suitcase, you can delegate that work that has become a complication and whose thought disturbs you. Use my Suitcase service. Call me and I’ll make the perfect suitcase for you.

Finally, a practical tip: Unpack the suitcase at the destination to access everything easily. If you do not trust cleaning, use your own containers to protect your belongings, but place everything in an accessible way.

Jewels always go with you during the trip. Upon arrival they are better off in the hotel safe if available, never hidden in the room … in fact the jewels are only adequate on a luxury trip. If not, take only what you can wear every day so you do not have to be worried.

The perfect suitcase is ready. Good trip!