A change of look and a change of style are not the same thing, if you are looking for a change of look it means that you need a “renovation” of the clothes you wear when you dress and the way you use them, but if you think you need a “revolution”, what you need is to change the taste and the criteria of use of the clothes and then what we are talking about is a change of style. Something totally different that corresponds to the post Check your style in 4 steps.

Get to know your wardrobe to know how to change your look

To make a change of look, first of all, you should take into account the current content of your wardrobe by requesting a Wardrobe Background service from a professional, a tool that allows you to become aware of what you have and how it fits you.

A change of look is easier when you focus your ideas, so throw away what doesn’t interest you, what’s old, you don’t like anymore, or it doesn’t suit your styl, and then take a look at what’s left: there are neutral and plain garments, basics that you use as a complement in every look and special garments…



Classify what has been left taking into account this division, unless you intend to empty all the contents of your wardrobe in the rubbish, you will need the staples to “complete” your new look and the special garments that remain in time to give character and personality to your image … ah, leave the accessories aside!

When you finish you will find garments that fits your style and tastes, but they bore you and you need new combinations of articles and colors, or you will discover that you simply need to incorporate something new that provides contrast and “surprise”, now the change of look really begins.

Explore the limits of silhouette and volume

Now that you know what you have, the first thing is to renew the silhouettes, they are the real responsible for your look so, when you look at your wardrobe, now you will recognize them more clearly: are you more wide or fitted silhouettes, do you prefer long or short clothes, do you have habits that you always repeat like always covering your bottom with a long top or similar, do you look good only if you wear shoulder pads?



To change your look from the old one you need clothes that create new silhouettes in terms of width and proportions, so if you always dressed in wide clothes you will change your look if you choose more fitted clothes and vice versa.

Also think that the volume of a garment is another key element that influences the silhouette, always take into account when changing the look.

To change your look, you have to take risks in terms of volume and also in terms of fabrics, only in this way will you make a real change in your look.

How to wear clothes when changing your look

The first rule for changing your look is to combine the garments in a different way to how you used to do it, for example, using the garments in your wardrobe in a different way for each occasion of use, mode or function. 



One way of doing this is by creating overlaps. For example, wearing a short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved one, a pair of trousers under a dress or a shirt over a turtleneck.

As for the function, which is close to the occasion of use, it could be to wear a pair of Bermuda trousers with a formal blazer to work, to wear the lycra shirt you use in the gym to go out for dinner or to wear the perfect dress for a wedding to go shopping, because in terms of fashion everything is changeable and relative.

Any garment taken out of its usual context contributes to change, and current fashion is free of rules so looking for inspiration in fashion usually helps.

If a change of look is enough for you, the incorporation of some fashion items can mean a big change in your look, especially if you have always worn more “boring” clothes but take into account the base of your wardrobe and your silhouette before doing so. If you opt for this solution, the help of a Personal Shopper who takes you to the most interesting shops and advises you on a change of look may interest you.


change your look


If you dress regularly in fashion, your super fashion look is a bit “all and nothing”, your wardrobe is a chaos of concepts, lengths and colors and you think a change of look is almost impossible to do, I advise you to use Style Coach, because probably your wardrobe hides treasures that you have no idea how to use, and before thinking about a change of look you should find out how to use what you have.

New color combinations and new prints

Colors are very emotional, so in order to change their function in a look, you must take into account that, even if you feel the need to change, your taste for color may not accompany you at the same pace.

What you can try to change is the way you combine the colors, and this is not done by improvising but by learning, that is to say, leaving your mind open and not taking for granted combinations that you have learned in the past and that you have always considered to be correct.


change your look



Leave your eyes wide open and your mind even more and learn from what you see around you, today we have access to many “example” images from which you can learn by challenging your look with new color combinations, so try to combine with your own garments in colors that you would never have used together: cold with warm, acid with pastel and dark with each other…

Don’t throw away the old prints you already have, just check them out thinking about whether objectively you still like them and look for new prints that represent a radical change: if you’re a floral printmaker look for geometrics, if you’re a 70’s tastemaker choose something organic, if you like baroque look for rationality, etc.

If you’re going to change your look you shouldn’t do it with your back to the fashion of your time, but you can’t wear anything just because it’s in fashion, so my advice is that, without forgetting completely what suits you, look for new articles that renew your look by transforming it.

The miracle of accessories


change your look


Accessories are independent elements in a change of look, they more than any other element of the wardrobe come and go with fashions so, if possible, keep them without exceptions.

An accessory can change a look without adding or removing anything else, a cap, a scarf, a backpack or a bag “change” a look only with their presence and in an easy and accessible way, and that makes them the protagonists of any change of look.

Never underestimate them and do not be afraid to invest in buying them, time does not pass through them at the same speed as with the rest of the fashion items, and they can change the function, the occasion of use and even the intention of a look, with their mere presence.

Makeup and hairstyle, personality to the power



It’s one of the most obvious expressions of the change in look, but also one of the scariest, as hair grows, and make-up is removed!

Changing one’s look necessarily means trying new things, so now it’s time to act.

Always taking into account your silhouette and physical characteristics, as well as the change of look in progress, make a shocking change, cut your hair or change the way of combing or makeup. For the change of look to be effective there has to be a transformation that also affects your physical appearance, not only your attire, if you don’t know how to do it choose a reliable Image Consultancy.


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