You are not the same person you were a few years ago, (not even a few months ago), when you open the wardrobe it is increasingly difficult to dress, it is as if the person in that wardrobe and you were completely different people, and not only because of the transformations that your body undergoes but also because of your personal evolution, and you are looking for a new style that suits this challenge.

If you feel this way, what you need to do is discuss more than just your look and the clothes and accessories that make it up. it’s about something more profound related to your character and your social conditioning, and these reasons are the last, but also the first, that you should consider in order to carry out a change of style.

The change of style is an aesthetic process, but above all it is a mental process, if you are reading this post it means that your mental process is already underway, you are looking for a renewal, a change in your current style and everything that it entails when it comes to presenting yourself to yourself and your environment.



How to choose a new style and why

If you feel that your style no longer represents you, knowing your old look and judging it is the best way to start changing it. At your disposal are accessories and images, and a deep knowledge of everything that makes it up: how to move, how to style your hair, and even the shops where you find everything related to that style.

We are social beings, so our style is usually conditioned by our environment, so before continuing I invite you to make a reflection: do you need a change of style to satisfy yourself or to feel integrated in a world where you need/want to be accepted?

All the reasons are valid, but satisfaction you can achieve with the different motivations is not the same.

My advice is that, if you are going to “adopt” a style for practical, social or work reasons, keep something of your own taste or preference in that transformation, it can be an accessory or a characteristic way of wearing a garment or a detail of your own, you will feel better or, at least, not so bad.

If the need to change style arises from a personal concern and the desire to identify with an image that until now did not correspond to your look, first ask yourself why and above all how you feel and then read on, you can’t waste another minute.



Identify the key concepts of your new style

To begin the journey towards a new style there has to be, in addition to a concern and a desire for change, an aesthetic attraction for a different style and the people who wear it, or something that you feel closer to your aesthetic “self” and that you have not let go of so far.

To embark on the road to change you have to dedicate time and effort to get to know the characteristics and aesthetic peculiarities of the style that attracts you. This is a good way to discover if the attraction you feel is authentic or not (in which case you don’t need a change of style) but to satisfy your attraction for a passing fashion with a couple of looks.

Observe images of representative looks of that style and of people who wear it, it is fundamental that you aim high, because there are many ways to interpret any style, it doesn’t matter if it is a classic or casual style, sportive or baroque, posh or fashion, and if you are going to change your style, you must look for example in the best possible version of that style.



Achieve a real and effective style change

Silhouettes and characteristic garments are the first sign of identity of a style, fabrics and colors its most evident form of expression, when you assume a style you have to pay attention to concrete characteristics that identify it, only then your new style will be real.

Once again you need mental work, the change implies movement so put in discussion what you think that you feel good “since always” and move towards other possibilities, look for new silhouettes and colors that work with your skin and your body and integrate with a new style.

It’s also a good idea to explore your old silhouettes, take into consideration the ones that fits you best and discard the others, you’ll avoid making old mistakes.



It could be that changing your style will generate rejection in your environment, many people do not accept changes as part of a process of renewal of a person. If you need to evolve, don’t give in to opposing opinions and persevere in changing your style. Sooner or later you will need it to feel good, otherwise you will experience a continuous feeling of frustration.

The key is authenticity, refine your style

Make sure you “adopt” a style that identifies with your personality, do not pretend, here poses are not worth, try to be as honest as possible with every choice you make in relation to that style, and always choose what is most personal to you.

In fashion trends let yourself be guided by instinct and logic, to change your style you need to add new elements that incorporate content to the new look that will be generated with the style you have adopted.

The style is not only made up of clothes and accessories, if you disguise yourself as what you are not it will be noticed, but if you have let yourself go by a real need of a style that belongs to you and with which you identify, everything should be quite natural, an adaptation that constitutes a meeting between friends with your “aesthetic self”.



Colors are the first expression of your personality, connected directly to your emotions. You choose them instinctively; we could almost say that you don’t choose them. They are practically the ones who choose you, they are connected with what we call “taste”, we don’t know why we like colors, it’s like a fatal attraction or a necessity.

If you’re going to change your style you shouldn’t do it with your back to the fashion of your time, but neither can you put anything on just because it’s in fashion, so my advice is that, without forgetting everything that suits you, look for new items that renew your look by transforming it.

Only when you have renewed your style and you are comfortable with the result, you can make a Change of look to fit this new style.



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