This post is about suspenders with belts and I will try to be very honest, wearing these two accessories together I find a redundancy quite absurd.

The suspenders are practically in disuse and, nevertheless, they are accessories with an important aesthetic contribution to the masculine look.

There was a time when its practical function made suspenders indispensable in men’s attire: without them, men’s pants fell of.

Nowadays, and since the appearance of the belt, using suspenders and a belt in the same look is a redundancy in terms of the functionality of both accessories, which can only have aesthetic justification.

In this sense, among my trusted male stores, I have found some with a great range of suspenders, colors and fantasies that can make an important contribution to the masculine look.

Is it really necessary using suspenders with belt?

The answer to this question is no, indeed due to the current fashion and the pants style and narrow silhouettes, even the practical function of the suspenders becomes unnecessary. The trousers, due to the elastic fabrics and their narrow fit, are supported, in many cases, alone … look how the suspenders with narrow jeans are!

In these cases its function is purely aesthetic, which is not, in any case, a minor function.

The suspenders are an accessory with a lot of personality, its air “demodè” has an irresistible charm. They also have so much character, that they do not need any justification to be the absolute protagonists of your outfit, even for a feminine look.

I really like to play with the contrasts, but look at these two images the impact of black pants with suspenders in the same color.

Suspenders with belts can even be a mistake

Suspenders are in many cases of plain color. Personally, I really like geometric fantasies, stripes and polka dots that seem to me a contained resource, a contribution without frights that, well used, can suppose the difference between banality and the commitment to differentiation.

In a look like the one of the image, from the strictly aesthetic point of view, adding a belt would suppose a horizontal interruption to the linearity provided by the two-colored striped suspenders that, instead of adding value to the look, generates a confusion that makes that suspenders lose strength.

With patterned pants or flashy fantasies, better suspenders

When the pants are not elastic or particularly narrow, as in this case, holding the pants makes the straps become an essential accessory, in this case supported by the use of coulisse that allows the waist to be narrowed pulling more or less of the cord that runs inside the waist of the pants.

Instead of the belt, the use of inner coulisse makes that the pants do not suffer aesthetic interruptions, which would cause a belt, a practical and invisible alternative to the belt.

With suspenders better pants without belt loops

Suspenders are a chameleon accessory, they can be camouflaged in a country look, holding a casual style cotton pants, to which they bring a sophisticated touch (look that modern look have the natural leather straps when they are narrower than usual 4 centimeters) …

… or fit perfectly in an event where you need a simple and smart look in a basic and neutral color like in this case black.

As you can see, with pants that are not wide, that are not oversize, that is to say that you can not fall, without tweezers or excesses in the size of the waist, adding a belt to suspenders is not only aesthetically debatable, but also It is unnecessary.

But there is something else that I would like you to pay attention to: the waist construction of the pants you choose … if you do not wear a belt. Why use pants with belt loops?

I know it is not simple, almost all pants, both casual and formal, especially male, which are put on sale today, have belt loops to pass the belt. Only some special pants for events have a clean and smooth waist, always the best option with suspenders

You will not find it easy to find them, but if you want to look good, the investment of time will be worth it, or you can also hire my MD Personal Shopper services so that I can find the perfect pants for you, for your physique, the occasion for which you want to use them and for the budget that you want to dedicate to them.

If you prefer to use some pants that you already have because they are perfect with the look and you want to use them, if they have loops make them coincide with the clips of the suspenders , you will get a symmetrical effect with which they will go more unnoticed … see the examples in the superior images.

The straps show more excess belly

The suspenders are an accessory that generates tension in its union with the trousers, pulling up the waist.

If you are overweight and light a generous belly, the suspenders , instead of hiding it, will make it even more obvious than it already is.

You probably do not like the pants that correspond to the actual circumference of your waist, they are big, they look classic and they make huge bags under your butt, but the solution is not to buy some pants with a smaller waist and to use some suspenders to keep them low the belly without falling.

A solution? Well, the bad news is that there is not any. A huge belly is bad for your health and hinders your movements, which will make you age faster.

My advice is to get rid of it, but not because of how your pants are left, but to feel better, healthier and freer!


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