To be The first question you should answer is: Do I want to draw attention and that my presence be noticed or go unnoticed? While you try to answer that question I propose interesting and current solutions, the golden rule is: Do not disguise! Do not ever give up your essence, your style, just adapt it to the situation and you will be the perfect guest at a wedding.

For guests there is something to keep in mind, the protagonists are the bride and groom so, if you are going to be very close to them, use soft colors to leave them all the protagonism, also in the prints. If you have not tanned during the Easter holidays, I propose light, elegant and very reliable colors, perfect also if you are not too young, they bring light to the face and easily combine with the accessories, but remember, it always depends on your tone of skin.

When I speak of light colors I do not mean only pastel colors that could even rival the bride if it is a civil wedding, I propose medium colors, cheerful, but not exaggeratedly striking, you can be inspired by the characteristic colors of the cocktails, fresh and cheerful. However, if you are going to be a guest  at a wedding without excessive prominence you can allow much more fun, it’s time to forget the soft colors and choose something more spectacular.

 guest at a wedding

Go ahead with funny colors and exaggerated prints … You will contribute to the “impact” that the wedding leaves on the memory of participants, is a special, festive and happy day!
So far the color, with valid advice for both sexes, but let’s talk now about forms: the focus on volume and silhouette. In general, if you are a woman and you are looking for a look that guarantees you to be the perfect guest at a wedding, I recommend you very feminine dresses, a dress is always a great solution in a single piece (also economically), with no more complications than adding a short jacket or a lightweight coat in a fabric with a special touch (for example metallic threads) if the wedding is in a place where temperatures may be low.

If you do not feel yourself without pants do not despair, this time the fashion trends of the Spring-Summer season18 are on your side.

The most trendy proposal this season is wearing pants under a dress, it is one of the most striking novelties, a fantastic idea that will also allow you to get a more or less smart look.

It’s just about playing with the type of pants: wide, “too” big and long, you’ll get a more casual look, perfect if you’re allergic to dressing very formal, the narrow dress up to the waist will guarantee a feminine and modern silhouette.

With a narrow and a little short pants, the look is always young and feminine, but never casual. You can wear a narrow trouser, even in a fabric that is not specifically for partying, especially if it is black, but avoid leggings, they are an create an irremediably cheap and “flea market” effect that will take away the value of the look.

The prints always have a special role in these occasions, funny and appropriate.

When the fabrics are very light the pattern is more spectacular, but be careful with the transparency, in some weddings they can be very inappropriate.

If you have a few extra kilos and you feel insecure, a monogram printed on a dark background can help you. Proudly showing off your curves with fitted garments that will draw them, showing off the breast and shaping waist looking down, contrary to what many women think, a straight dress type “sack”, you will not improve your appearance. And do not forget the necklines, since it lightens your silhouette, avoid exaggerations if the wedding is religious and remember to carry out a shawl to wear inside the temple and not offend sensitivities.

 guest at a wedding

For men formal and impeccable looks. Yes, I know that masculine wardrobe is more rigid than feminine one, but this type of special occasion has a few rules that must be kept, unless the wedding is celebrated on a beach…
My recommendation is to wear always keep a jacket, although nowadays you can be perfect without a tie and even change the shirt for a t-shirt.
If you need to express your individuality, use particular fabrics with rich and expressive textures, even a fantasy jacket in a brocade or printed fabric … You will be the center of attention!

I do not mean to be bland or discreet, if the occasion permits, you can exceed yourself in a look in which chaos as the only inspiration, play even to mix fantasies.
If you do not want something so shocking, a printed fancy shirt is perfect, an original note but more contained at a time when, in addition, fancy shirts are fashionable, so the offer is huge and for all budgets.

 guest at a weddingIn a warm place it is easy to wear a wedding without a suit, a vest has a similar role, but much less formal, it can replace the jacket with details that generate great contrasts.
Another alternative if you do not feel good with too formal attire, is choosing a single garment that looks very “rich” and apparent, for example a jacket or coat in brocade fabric. The rest of the clothes, can be something more “informal”, nobody will look at them, the “staring” garment will fulfill its distraction function.
When the wedding at which you are present is a commitment and it is not about a nice occasion, you might have your good reasons for passing unnoticed, probably there you will meet someone that you prefer avoiding: a former couple or an ex-boss with whom the relations are complicated …
My advise is using the color (the grey and the beige are “almost “invisible”. Also avoid carefully the volumes that stand out, the asymmetries that cause showy effects and the spectacular accessories …

But the accessories for looks at weddings deserve another post!