Men’s trench coats and gabardines: one for all and all for one!

No matter if you choose a gabardine or trench coat, both are essential in a man’s wardrobe, but don’t you know the difference between these garments?

Beyond their function in the fashion world, what the garments on this list have in common is their function: to protect the garments underneath from water.

This is practically the only characteristic they have in common, from there on everything is differences between them, which will help you choose the one that is a better investment for you:

Let’s look at their function, possibilities, and combinations in every man’s wardrobe according to his style: one single garment, many different versions, with even completely opposite styles and ways of life, and also many names: gabardine, mackintosh coat, coated coat, greatcoat, overcoat… Trench coat!


It changes proportions, volume, silhouette, details, and accessories and, as it is also a simple and light outer garment that you can wear directly over a look (very practical in seasons when it’s not too cold), you should know which one to choose and how to use it.


Men’s trench coats and gabardines traditional style

In the more conventional style, these garments keep intact that initial waterproof function, the garments are straight and simple.

Classic gabardine, men’s formal look

Fundamentally understated, the best choice over impeccable work attire: the shoulders in place fit perfectly with the suit jacket that usually goes underneath, creating a linear, unsurprising silhouette.

The Burberry trench coat has always been at the heart of this style, the British brand was the creator of the famous trench coat that filled the British trenches (hence the name) during the first world war and maintains its hegemony in the characteristic beige color, which combines with all the traditional colors, the simplest choice.



On your weekend, the traditional beige coat becomes the perfect wildcard for your casual looks in warm tones, browns, oranges, camels, and tans.


But make no mistake, all the colors that belong to your casual world go perfectly with it, cold ones too, so if you’re looking for laid-back, no fuss outfits, the traditional classic beige trench coat is what you need.


Men’s trench coat formal style revamped

You probably prefer blues to browns, it’s all the rage these days, so incorporate a navy or grey-blue trench coat, it’ll be a faithful companion to a formal look.

But if you are not one of those who are content, you need something more?


For example, incorporate classic fabrics, wonderful fabrics from the British tradition: pinstripes, mackintosh, Prince of Wales, Harris tweed, the fabrics of the Outer Hebrides have a lot to contribute to your revamped formal look.

Now imagine a classic style overcoat over each of the looks in the image, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.


This is where this greatcoat comes in handy even with the more casual extremes of a revamped wardrobe, where the traditional trench coat is a must-have with jeans.

If you want to learn how to combine them successfully use the Style Coach service, you will learn how to create looks with your beige trench coat.


Men’s trench coats and trench coats for today’s style

Nowadays, if you’re not an older person with a very conventional way of dressing, having a multi-functional mid-season garment has become a must in a man’s wardrobe.

Black trench coat, the presumptively formal option

Don’t confuse “impeccable” with “classic”, if you need a polished yet contemporary look, a black trench coat (or trinchea) is what you’re looking for.


With jeans or with a suit, to go to the cinema or for a job interview, a black trench coat is a bridge between the formal and the casual world.

In black waterproof fabric it’s very cool, but if you’re not interested in the waterproof function, black cotton satin will do the same job with more “fashion spirit”.

Young formal men’s trench coat

In this case it’s all about volume, choosing slightly fitted trench coats in simple, slim silhouettes will ensure a formal look that doesn’t clash with the clothes you wear to work, less conventional than the traditional ones and more suited to suit different occasions in your private life.

Balancing between two worlds, that’s how you could sum up what a slim trench coat is all about, a taste that doesn’t feel limited when you go from casual to professional with the same wardrobe, the secret of how to dress well if you’re a man.

Explore dark trench coats and trench coats without forgetting army green, in this case it could be the best alternative for your style.


Men’s trench coats and trench coats modern style

Not interested in the more traditional use of these garments?

Let’s explore what it means to choose these garments out of pure practicality and making the most of their participation in the looks you can create with the contents of your wardrobe.


Oversized trench coats, easy and relaxed casual styling

Oversized not only in the sense of their ability to hold garments underneath, but also for pure aesthetic pleasure, pure pleasure.

Enveloping and exaggerated, oversized trench coats are comfortable and do not know how to hold back, hence their oversized and “easy” look, but do not interpret this as laziness, on the contrary, if you know how to wear them and manage their volume with control, they are irresistibly modern.

Straight, essential staple, back-to-origin trench coat

This is also a lightweight outerwear item that you can wear over other garments, directly over a shirt or T-shirt, very practical in seasons when it’s not too cold. If you choose it in a size slightly larger than your own, you will have the perfect ally for spring and autumn, a “forever” garment for an impeccable casual look.


This garment in its more traditional version is beige and this is the colour I recommend if you want to make it one of the pillars of your wardrobe.

Short trench coats, young and practical style

If you need your trench coat to protect you without hindering your movements, a short, unadorned trench coat is ideal.

As for the color, it’s best to look at the rest of the garments in your wardrobe before making your choice, but in your usual colors (navy blue, beige, white, army green), any color choice will be a safe bet for a young and modern casual look.


Classic trench coat, a multi-stylish, multi-functional, ageless garment

What would you wear if you’re going out to dinner in autumn?


Here’s the answer: a trench coat covers and protects you, it’s not overly heavy but it’s insulated enough to protect you from the cold and wet, exactly what you need to be able to stay in just your waistcoat at the restaurant afterwards.

Finally, I want to emphasize that this is an ageless garment, don’t think you are investing in a whim that proposes the latest fashion trend, this is an element of your wardrobe that does not know the passage of time, well worth an investment. If you don’t know how to find the one you need, use my Personal Shopper service in Madrid.


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