This post has been on the waiting list since a long time, but recently there has been an event that has precipitated its publication, do you know what event I mean?

When you are invited to a wedding, the most usual choice to dress as a guest is usually the traditional printedndress on a lightweight fabric with lots of movement …

… but there are alternatives if you do not feel comfortable with this type of outfit and want to stay true to your style. Maybe you feel yourself more easily in a suit.

An impeccable male suit can be exactly what you need, no flights or prints, just formal and away from that kind of hyper-feminine outfit with which you do not feel comfortable in a social meeting.

If this is not your situation, I mean, if you love those long printed dresses and full of color, do not discard in any case the option of a male outfit, it can be an interesting novelty that will surprise your environment … by contrast, this It is an outfit much more suggestive than you imagine.

An outfit that involves a game that uses elements of the male wardrobe and makes them feminine, as in the case of this jumpsuit with satin lapels, is an effeminate variation of a masculine classic. This option will have half the impact you can get and the look will lack interest.

My advice in this case is to avoid simulations, I mean attire like this image, which play to be masculine, but they are only feminine variants, the real “magic” is in the true contrast between your female body and a clearly masculine outfit.

Better a tailored women’s suit, the perfect tailcoat

The event I was referring to earlier is the last royal wedding in England: Eugenie de York was married last weekend with Jack Brooksbank, at a traditional wedding that could be expected of a member of British royalty, but there was a guest who choseed an outfit very different from the one chosen by the rest of the women for the occasion.

I am referring to Cara Delevigne, who wore a great traditional attire in which only the fabulous shoes of high and thin metallic heel betrayed that there was a woman below.

The key to the perfect “masculine” woman’s outfit is in the accessories

All the elements of Cara Delevigne’s attire were respectful with the original male ettire, of course the traditional black hat with its characteristic shape, which always goes with this classic masculine outfit designed for very formal events … naturally also the tie.

Among so many headdresses with hairnets, feathers and stones or sophisticated turbans, Cara Delevigne’s masculine hat was a cry of rebellion and freedom.

Curiously modern, perfectly current, deliciously discreet and strangely feminine, her look stood out among the rest of the traditional guests.

But what really made the difference and was surprising was the shoes.

A masculine suit but with accessories for women

Actually, it is a pretty basic trick: if you use only one element that creates contrast between all the others, that element will attract all the attention and will have maximum prominence.

But this trick works only if those characteristics of differentiation have a single element, in this case an element of the total look: the fabulous high-heeled shoes, an accessory that has the essence of femininity.

Probably, in the invitation to such an event, protocol had indicated that frac was required and Delevigne thought that “why not also in the case of a woman” … a fabulous idea.

If you are going to “play this game”, I invite you to sobriety.

If you have chosen a male suit go to a wedding, avoid fantcy fabrics and ornate accessories, only create confusion and make your look lose effect.

Lace, embroidery, prints or excessive accessories, will cause, in this particular case, a chaos in which the intention will be lost, that masculine / feminine game that is so spectacular in special events.

The suit does not necessarily have to be black, although I recommend it, but if you want an outfit that plays with the concept of sex exchange, it should have sober lines and absence of decorative elements of any kind.

Makeup, the other feminine element of your look contrasts of women for weddings

As for makeup do not be shy, this is the other point where you can show that you are a woman and highlight your feminine essence.

Delightfully feminine and daring makeup with all that this entails: glitter or eyeliner and false eyelashes.

I have the habit to show only one area: ultra-make-up eyes and discreet lips or vice versa. I think that overshadowing both areas leads to a look closer to a clown … a very personal idea, use it if you think the same as me.

If it is an event or a wedding that is not too conventional, you can also add to your look a rock element, for example, tattoos, rings or any other transgressive element that you fancy. Tattoos do not have to be definitive … have fun!

And if you’re going to paint your nails, use only black!



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