If there’s a time when your body is exposed in public, it’s when you’re in a bikini, so how could you not wonder how to choose the perfect bikini for you?

The desire to be tanned without sun marks leads you to choose garments as small as possible, with straps or straps that you will then spend time crossing, removing, and putting aside, but in many moments, you will also be standing up, so what happens then?



First, you must understand that the perfect bikini changes with you: maybe you’ve started going to the gym or stopped, had a baby, changed your diet, gained, or lost weight?

Bikini tops and bikini bottoms behave in completely different ways, let’s start with the bikini top.

Styles of bikini top

The shape of the necklines (here is the link where you can check the different types) has a lot to do with the shape of the bikinis. Consider the shape of your bust to choose the bikini that fits you best, here are the different options:

Bandeau bikini, a tan without marks

Forget absurd complexes and paranoia, a small bust is modern, practical, and very, very elegant.

It’s the king of practicality, you can wear whatever you want and forget about the hated bra, and in a bikini, you’ll enjoy the total absence of marks!


Some models have knots, pleats or pleats that give shape and slightly increase the volume of the bust?


You will even find underwires and supports that enhance the bust, my advice is to enjoy the advantages of your bust and forget about complicated artifices that try to make it look bigger. They don’t succeed and the attempt is often ridiculous and frightening.


Triangle bikini, freedom of movement

Tie, untie, cross, take off, put on… for its adaptability and simplicity, this is the bikini of choice for its variety of fabrics and colors and its price.

In general, tops with embroidery and appliqués are a good trick to get the effect of a bigger bust, keep it in mind if you need it.


Bikini tie, adjustable bikini tops

The medium bust size has an ally in the bow bikini top, a garment with a certain level of flexibility, but be careful: for a good fit, it’s up to you to adjust the shape and capacity.


Underwired bikinis, the support a large bust need

The situation is not very different from that of bras. If you want to show off your large bust shape even in a bikini, an underwired bikini top is just what you need. Essential if you have a large bust and don’t want it to look “saggy” in a bikini.

If you also buy a model that is knotted at the neck you get a chest emphasized to the maximum.


Push Up Bikinis

Do you have small breasts, or do you just want to enhance them?

Whatever your reason for thinking about buying a push up bikini, there is a variant that fits what you are looking for: there are push up bikinis with simple or removable cups, but I would like to invite you to think about it… Do you want a bikini that fits you well at the cost of looking like a bra?


Push up bikinis with rigid cups are anything but elegant and attractive, especially if you have small breasts and it creates the effect of being “empty” …try several types and think about it. Natural breasts are more attractive.


Sporty bikini top

Practical and comfortable, there are several versions of this bikini top, all finished with under bust elastic, but there are plenty of options.

Here you will probably find the perfect bikini top if you have had a mastectomy.


Bikini top

More of a ‘bikini top’ than a ‘bikini top’, this is very popular with women who go topless, but don’t want to go nude.

If a bikini top seems like a waste of money because you never wear it, invest in a bikini top that you can mix and match later with bottoms in your wardrobe.


Bikini bottoms

Choosing the right bikini bottoms is essential so that you don’t have to think twice before getting up to go to the beach, it’s all about feeling comfortable and confident.

The range of possibilities of bikini bottoms is practically infinite, especially considering that a few inches can be decisive.


Culotte type

The culotte has a French style, a lingerie soul and a “I don’t know what” between childish and sexy. The impact depends more on your intention when you wear them than on the garment itself.

If you have a wide bum don’t hide it, the culotte bikini bottom proudly defines your curves while keeping them in place.


High waisted

Obviously, this type of bikini bottom lengthens the leg, the best option if you don’t have short legs, but they push all the volume towards the waist, so they will give you problems in case of love handles (or love handles!).


Classic panties style

It has the charm of the 60s and 70s, a must among nostalgic women, but also impeccable if you’re an insecure person. A bikini bottom like a bikini bottom “breathes” tranquility.

Even if the shape is very similar to the previous one, the width of the side seam is decisive for a good fit.

The “normal” bikini bottom: about 5 inches wide, is the most used (I’m not sure why) but there are many other sizes, 1 cm, 2.5, 3… don’t be afraid to try as many as you need to find the right one for your figure.


Adjustable ties

The bikini bottom with knotted side ties is the most popular, adjustable, and adjustable bikini bottom. It is the most successful because it allows a tan without marks, you can choose the position of the bikini tie and the pressure it exerts, and it also successfully prevents the Michelin effect.


Brazilian bikini

The charm of the Brazilian bikini lies in the fact that it leaves the buttocks completely bare, i.e., it guarantees an almost all-over tan.

It’s not for the timid and few women can show off a perfect bum, so the problem lies in how objectively you judge your bum, otherwise find someone who likes you well enough to judge it.

If you don’t have a perfect bum, it’s just a matter of priorities: do you care more about a tanned bum or what people on the beach think of your physique?


Plus size bikinis

Today, wearing a “vintage” garment adds value to your image and vintage bikinis are from a time when not much skin was shown, large and very restrained garments, exactly what a plus size bikini requires.


Demure but elegant 40’s bikinis that almost look like swimming costumes, cheeky 50’s Pin Up tops that cross the bust and hold it up with determination and maternity bikinis from the 60’s, with their gorgeous bottoms that fit perfectly under the bum. All of them with silhouettes that suit you, all one hundred percent vintage, and all one hundred percent current.


MD Personal Shopper Tips

Stop seeing the bikini as a single garment, there are two of them. The top and the bottom are independent, which allows you to combine them, creating color contrasts and even combining different prints, do you dare?

Send me the results by WhatsApp, I will help you to improve them with comments and tips.


White bikini, passion for tanning

White bikinis enhance the tone of your tan and make you look more tanned, didn’t you know that, well take note of this idea: if you want to look like a “Conguito” nut, white is the color of your ideal bikini, but…

Like almost everything else, there are two sides to this coin: white has an optical magnifying glass effect, so it increases the volume. Perfect if you want to make your bust look bigger, but disastrous if you have a big bum complex.


Bikinis as clothing!

Treat it like any other item of clothing in your wardrobe and make the most of it as an individual garment: with low-cut garments as it doesn’t show through, to create a color contrast at the waist of a pair of trousers, to add an extra print to an outfit made up of many prints, in an animalier look…


Tips on how to choose the right bikini

Personal Shopper online is the fast and accessible service that helps you to choose the right bikini for your body shape: the fit is just as important if you are going to buy your bikini in a luxury shop or in a low price one, you will be fine only if you know how to choose the right bikini for your physical features.

Once you have the bikini that suits you learn to wear it as an active part of your wardrobe and not just on the beach, look at what Style Coach can do for your style.


Frequent errors

Any element that adds relief to the bikini is a dangerous element to evaluate carefully: frills, appliqués, embossed elements, anything that does not belong to the fabric of the bikini, can reveal a defect or something about your physique that you would rather not show.

There are exceptions, for example, the trick I mentioned above for those with small breasts, but they are, in any case, resources that must be used with great care.


Many mistakes are born from not being objective with your body, and not paying enough attention to what you don’t see, your body from behind!

If you are not objective or do not have clear ideas, my Personal Shopper service in Madrid “shopping together”, will solve your problem at a stroke: the best swimwear shops in Madrid, at the prices you need, and with my advice as an image professional with more than 20 years of experience all over the world.


And finally, the most important secret to wear the bikini that best suits you in the best possible way: sun protection that avoids unsightly marks and terrible consequences on your skin and even on your life, never forget to wear it!


Dresses, caftans over bikini tops

What is your objective, to protect yourself from the sun, to hide or conceal a part of your body, or do you have a fashionable intention?

Choose your garment based on your answers to these questions and wear it while keeping your objective in mind.


Sarongs are a great beach accessory, an opportunity for style and color in your holiday look, and not just in front of the water!

Look at my post about scarves, you’ll be surprised by their amazing possibilities.


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