I thought a lot before writing this post, because there were many possible points of view from which to write it: time of use, style, type of scarf…

As there is no way to put order, I choose a mixture of all this and, as a starting point, my own taste and criteria when choosing and handling this simple accessory in the form, but with incredible applications, and that will modify the intention and function of a look just by deciding where you want to wear it, so let see its possibilities according to the use that is made of it.


The scarf as an accessory of an accessory: bag, hat…

The scarf added to another accessory brings color and emphasizes the style of the look, it does not define the look, but it influences where you want to take the style, it is like an extra help.



If you put a scarf under your hat you can play with different styles. It is daring and exaggerated if you mix colors and shapes of hats with scarf prints that have nothing to do with it, generating daring contrasts with the occasion of use.



If you are wondering how to put a scarf on your head, this is one of the ways with more possibilities to do it, especially if you have a varied collection of prints of this key accessory.


My opinion as a Personal Shopper in Madrid is that you should look for a way to wear the scarves that matches your style, your way of living and thinking, so you have infinite possibilities to find your way.

Arab and Tuareg style headscarf, committed fashion style

Beyond the religious need to cover your hair, wearing a scarf completely covering your head and with a further turn around your neck like a scarf, insulates you from the heat, and has many possibilities if you want to renew your old style.

This formula allows you to make better use of what you already have by adding just a scarf, because fashion doesn’t have to be at odds with your way of thinking.

If you need to look for some extra clothes, use Eco Friendly, I propose my tour of ecological clothes shops in Madrid.



If you dare with something more ethnic or want to simply surprise, choose the Tuareg style, which revolves around the face and, with an embroidered scarf or lurex, is very striking.


Scarf covering the head, simple, or with a twisting

It uses traditional prints like chains, and the look will be pure snobbery very cool and very fashionable in 2021. If the scarf is too big you can even cover the shoulders, and leave it “abandoned” behind, hanging or supported with nonchalence.


Between fashion and snobbery, don’t fall into mannerism when you put the headscarf on this way, the elegance can become a ridiculously theatrical pose, look for a sophisticated element very current support avoid vulgarity, for example, fabulous black nails.


Square, small handkerchief tied under the chin

Invite to Trad Ivy Style, a “Bon Ton” taste that you will find useful to wear with the trench coats, another must have, that is better to buy in a classic model.

A British trench coat with handkerchief, guarantees presence in the most exclusive country settings: country yes, but also chic, something very difficult to achieve.



Use it also in country looks with small polka dot handkerchief sets, large check or Vichy fabric, and also emphasizes or a naive and childish French taste with flower printed handkerchiefs.


Headscarf with knot on the back of the neck

This way of wearing the back knotted headscarf is discreet and comfortable, very useful also if you need to wear a cancer scarf because of chemotherapy or other causes, or simply because you feel like wearing a silk headscarf in style.

Elegant and practical, it’s one of the ways to wear the scarf that completely covers the hair, the best if you have long hair … and it’s also my favourite!


You can coordinate the scarf with another element of your image, for example, with an Animal Print print, emphasizing the character of the look with colorful African beads, for example.


Scarf bon

This way of wearing headscarves is fresh and easy and gives a spontaneous air to the look, The difficult thing here is to make the knot rolled up on itself look like the fruit of improvisation, “elegant by chance”.



It is one of the most beautiful ways of wearing the headscarf, but you will have to practice achieving that effect, look for help in an African woman, they are elegant by nature.


Headscarf on the top of the head that leaves the hair down

Covering the top of the loose hair is very fashionable, I propose you to use it in fashionable looks, to create powerful and daring contrasts playing with organic and geometric prints.

If you have a lot of clothes, but you don’t have very clear how to combine prints, I propose an online session of Style Coach to solve your doubts, once you learn a few tricks, the combination of prints will have no secrets for you.



Use big or small scarves, but always better printed and according to the style of the look: Hippy, casual – sporty, sophisticated, 70’s. business …


Hair Scarves

Headband, chignon, in the ponytail, braided with the hair…handkerchiefs in the hair are a must.



A thousand scarves and a thousand different ways of wearing them, each style has its own interpretation in terms of the use of the scarves in this way, that is why I, as an Image Consultant in Madrid, always recommend that you use scarves for your hair in the way that inspires you the most.



The bandana handkerchief is one of the most common casual handkerchiefs, as it is a simple, bicolor motif that adapts to different trends. The paisley motif is between the most known drawings of the hippie paraphernalia, is the protagonist this handkerchief, small only in the size.


With African prints the looks are very ethnic, but there are more prints, take advantage of its versatility to combine them with other prints that you like more or that you want for color reasons.



If you are going to buy fabric to make a dress, reserve some fabric to make a coordinated scarf, you will be able to distinguish yourself from the others, because a coordinated look is cool only if you use exactly the same fabric in the garment…



… and it’s the outfit that is spectacular!


Scarves on the forehead

1920s and hippie are the best styles if you want to use this way of wearing your headscarf, both have in common a rabid desire for freedom.



Don’t worry if sometimes you don’t see them around, they are trends that come back into fashion every few years, so you should never wait too long to enjoy them.

Neck scarf to show off your style

Wear the scarf around your neck as an accessory mixed with necklaces, the chaos is very modern and shows great control of style, it is not just a decorative accessory, it is very useful in all 4 seasons and for all ages.



If you are going to wear a scarf on your neck for a special occasion you need an exaggerated volume, with an strapless neckline and a wide strip of moiré fabric, your look will have more impact than with a normal necklace. With the Events service I’ll teach you to make volume your ally, not your enemy.



The possibility of using a scarf as a belt has been left out a little, but don’t underestimate its possibilities without wearing a plain and monochromatic look, and as a belt you wear a printed scarf, it’s a trick that transforms your image.


Travel Scarf: the essential multipurpose scarf

Top, Skirt, Dress, whoever has a handkerchief has a treasure of improvisation, because…

You can easily create a top for different styles and occasions of use…


You can make a pareo skirt in a second …



You can take it in a rolled up printed skirt version to have a drink and then transform it into a beach wrap…



Also, co-invert it into a sexy dress, or a more elegant Shari type…


When you go on a trip, choose a couple of tissues of different sizes and styles and put them in your suitcase, it’s a good resource that can save you in a hurry, you just have to think clearly about the occasions that will occur during the trip to choose the appropriate tissues… it’s essential if you lose your suitcase, so take it in your bag!


Shawl, blanket, scarf …

In the winter you can also take advantage of scarves, blankets or handkerchiefs that you can use to hang or wrap yourself up in style.



The important thing is to know how to wear it!



Crossing a shawl over the chest or fastened with a belt, will save you at a party in winter and in summer, you have more details in Accessories for a red dress, always have one if you feel constantly cold.


The turbans have been left in the inkwell, but they deserve a separate post…


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