Combination of clothes for man is not something that is improvised, whatever your way of dressing, there are a series of “style tricks” that you can use when combining colors, which guarantee always interesting, original and cool looks.

In this post there are images of men with a current way of dressing and professional ideas with which to improve your looks, but to learn you have to leave your style out of this post and try to observe the images without passion, without prejudice or conditioning ideas.

If you follow these indications, after reading this post your looks will no longer be anodyne and banal, and your image will gain in presence and originality, this is MD Personal Shopper‘s promise.


Contrasts and combinations – Black and white

Explained in a very simple way, light is reflected by an object, for example a red clown nose, and objects, all objects, have the ability to reflect light in this way, the reflection of light on the clown nose is what our eye recognizes as the color red, that is what we recognize as the “color of an object”.

The maximum possible contrast happens with the colors at the extremes: white reflects all the light, black catches it all, so black is formed by the sum of all the colors. together… are we right so far?

Combining colors generates harmony or contrast both work and both are necessary.

Simple contrasts are very useful, but they are only very attractive when there is a lot of contrast, that is, when one of the two colors involved is either very dark, or very light.

Knowing this, let’s start combining colors!


Combining colors according to season and occasion of use – Same color ran

The first thing you have to learn to create color combinations for men’s clothing is to think about the season and what occasion you need the look for.

In the cover image of the post appears a casual look of men in colors typical of the autumn / winter, black and camel, a basic color and a warm color combine well, while in the upper image you have a “classic” semi-form look typical of a spring attire, light and cold colors that also combine very well.

This light-colored look answers one of the most frequent questions when it comes to combining colors in men’s clothing: which colors to combine with grey.



Combining grey with blue colors, both cold colors, successfully solves two issues, the color combination and the wearing occasion.

As an indication of maximum guidance for a maximum: light colors and pastels combine well with white base, although light beige and light grey also with navy blue.



As for the dark ones, they combine well with each other and with black and navy, Marengo, medium grey and range of browns, while the greens depend on the tones, so there are no rules.

With colors of the same range or very dark or light, you will get looks easy to combine, in formal occasions.

In the image a look of with dark tones, you can use black and navy blue together the look is formal and sophisticated

Using beige, white and cream instead of the dark range, you will have the summer version of the look, and an “ace in the hole” for a flawless presence in any season.

If you are not sure about the most appropriate look for a situation, the Events service will solve all your doubts.


Plain colors and mélange colors – Warm colors and cold colors


Almost all grey garments are made of mélange thread (knitwear is the most recognizable), because grey is a rather “sad” color when it is plain, and mélange means twisting the thread that forms the fabric with thread of another color. Normally grey yarn is twisted with white to create contrast, but also with many other colors.

Remember, cold colors, blue and grey, black and white, always combine well with each other, and are a guarantee in the working world, but they can be very boring unless you “play with different shades of grey or introduce a third color.



Many fabrics, like the one in this jacket, are made with mélange thread, but in this image what I want to show you is another practical combination of colors, the positive/negative, the darker color underneath and the lighter color above, an easy and very up-to-date combination also in the cover of the post, perfect in casual and formal looks.



The difference between cold colors and warm colors is fundamental to advance in the color combinations, do you like what you see in this image?

Combining cold and warm colors is one of the most difficult issues, mainly because there is no rule beyond taste and fashion, it’s risky, yes, but it also creates the best combinations of clothes, special and very cool.

Bring together garments that you want to combine and try them out, trust your instinct and look for inspiration in fashion images that you like, think that this also has its learning curve, risking in this case has its style prize!


Combining colors in clothes – Base colors and other colors in the look

Identifying the basic colors is the first stop on this tour: Black, white, grey, beige, navy blue, brown, military green and red, can be considered the basics of men’s clothing, but there are differences in the way they are used, military green and light grey have a soft glue function, they are not as “violent” as black and white, they do not create such a harsh contrast, so you should use them as a procedural color when composing a look, as they make it easier to go from one color to another, from one garment to another.

Once you understand the types of colors there are, it is time to know how to use them, so it is necessary to analyze the function they will have in the look.

We professionals start the development of a collection with a classification of the colors according to the use we will make of them: Outerwear, jackets, trousers, knitwear, shirts and T-shirts, accessories and details.

The ranges of the basic colors, that is to say the more or less dark tones of the colors, are variations of a color that you can use in substitution of this one with an exception, the range of the red color provides average colors that are not always authentically basic.

The basic colors are easy to mix with each other and with their ranges and always with black and white, that’s why the basic colors usually carry the responsibility in the look, although by themselves they can be boring… we need medium colors!


Denim as “base” color

Denim or denim fabric, like grey is also mélange, blue and white cotton threads in blue, but the wear and tear of washing is very attractive, and makes it become a color (even if it is a fabric) that you can like grey with a neutral color function, to travel in both formal and casual looks, in all seasons.

The mélange fabrics serve as a transition between plain colors, especially if they are strong colors, very useful to combine colors in different Man’s clothing Styles, jeans are “jokers” that make easier every color combination.


Classic fabrics as neutral colors and as basics!

Brown and blue, cold and warm colors par excellence in this look, but also denim and tweed, the denim fabric that you can use as a base color, and a classic fabric made with mélange threads, the tweed, which also exists with other designs such as Herringbone, Pied de Poule, Prince of Wales or other geometries such as Pinstripe, all considered “classic” fabrics.

You can use these classic fabrics as a “base color” for combinations, starting with the color of the thread in which the fabric is made, in this case brown. Classic fabrics are usually also available in shades of grey or green.


Combination of clothes for man

Khaki, Camel and Military Green – Colorful neutrals bring the look to life

Every time you are going to create a look, think about the function that each garment will have and choose its color taking into account, that will help you to combine colors in stylish men’s clothes.

The fashion brands usually propose coats and jackets in basic colors also for an economic and commercial matter, so they are offered in basic colors, if you want more color in your look have trousers in medium tones: Khaki, Camel and Military Green, and that contributes color to look and they are easy to combine.



If you wonder which colors to combine with green, I will tell you that military green is a neutral with color, a perfect base to combine turquoise, pink, fuchsia, yellow… combining strong colors with green is easy if you use military green, other greens need specific combinations.

I invite you to try cold and warm color contrasts, with military green using cheerful secondary colors, you will create cool looks.

Surely you have doubts about How to dress well if you are a man, combining colors in clothes is fundamental to dress well.


Combination of clothes for man

Touches of light and texture and color – accessories help

An interesting look needs color and texture, keep this in mind when combining the garments in the look. Knitted garments provide texture, but also sports and technical garments, have that virtue you need to make your look interesting and contrasting.



The accessories of strong colors are those that allow you to give powerful touches of color and to maintain a look that is not very fashionable or very exaggerated, as these sneakers in color Klein blue call stop not exaggerated!


Combination of clothes for man

Choose sport clothes and/or casual style clothes with color and integrate them in your daily outfits looking for daring contrasts. When you leave your “work uniform” aside, your wardrobe should have color resources that do not consist only of a few red or yellow cotton T-shirts.


You need motifs…

The prints are not shocking fantasies in the form of garments as fashionable as this jacket that may not fit your style, a striped shirt, a shirt with small monochromatic flowers or check mountain taste and even a shirt of your favorite band, can provide a fantasy that makes your color combinations more attractive.


Combination of clothes for man


Color in prints and fantasy is less invasive and easily combined, always keep jeans and accessories in mind


Combination of clothes for man

What you should avoid!

Avoid strong contrasts with medium and pastel colors.

In the image the medium pink jacket with black trousers and white shirt creates a forced and “easy” combination, without any fashion intention and without any sophistication, if you’re reading this post this is precisely what you want to avoid.

This is just an example of a banal look, combining colors is not easy and you can’t improvise, if after reading this post you don’t get the kind of looks, you’d like to wear, my Style Coach service solves your doubts and teaches you how to combine your clothes to create current and stylish looks. You can hire him to learn how to combine the clothes in your wardrobe, or with those acquired in a Personal Shopper service, call me for more information.


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