In this post we analyze a way of dressing created with two fused styles, Trad (“posh”) or Preppy (school), so you can transform them with your own style for the autumn season, with perfect temperatures to enjoy them.

Preppy style is a feminine trend that has its origins in the traditional British college taste made up of trench coats, plaid, and lots of knitwear, and uses the unashamedly masculine English tradition of fabrics such as tweed, houndstooth, pinstripes and so on.


If you want to explore the possibilities that preppy style can bring to Trad’s taste, my post on Plaid coats, trousers, skirts…, will help you to make them interact.

If you add many of the accessories of a “posher” style, scarves, berets and ballet flats, etc., you include a touch of bon ton that, together with bow-collared blouses and the occasional ruffle, add femininity and give personality to this way of dressing.


The bon ton is inspired by the magazine of the same name founded in Paris in 1902, which served as inspiration for the creation of the American Vogue magazine.


The Gazette du Bon Ton explained to the women of the early 19th century the correct way to wear fashion and has ended up being the image of luxury… in today’s language, a “posh woman”, with all the good and bad that this expression conveys.


Let’s put everything together with the denim fabric in an “autumn shaker” classifying it by outer garment, and let’s see what comes out… are you ready?


Trench coat, over everything and under any garment.

I imagine that the beginning of the post has already produced an image in your imagination so, starting from that image and without forgetting it at any time, add a vintage touch in a contemporary environment.

As these are very important unisex garments, they have a post of their own that you should look at, it is very useful to know how to use them, Gabardine and Trench coat for women, essential between seasons.

Trench coat over long sleeve dress, modern women’s look

In the first days of autumn when it’s not too cold, but not too hot either, a trench coat or trench coat is perfect to wear directly over a long-sleeved dress. To achieve the perfect Trad style, choose practical and uncluttered dresses and accessories – good taste “demands” the absence of overdone or vulgar elements.


To create the style we are talking about, you also need a “British” feel, a good starting point for a classy autumn look, for example pinstripes, but vintage motifs are also welcome.


Under the trench coat you can also wear those dresses that straddle the line between normal and special occasion, like the ones in the picture, they are not out of place in the office, but also at a dinner party or a special event – a wardrobe must-have.

The trench coat directly on autumn looks, plaids and knitwear

One of my absolute favorite trench coat looks is also one of the simplest, what you could wear in a hurry on any given day, the total black look.


If you are going to wear a trench coat in a look with skirt or trousers, knitwear becomes an essential tool, the trad style has in these items one of its pillars, with derivations depending on the occasion of use: casual, work, formal, special occasion…


Adapt them freely to the temperature of the moment, they are also knitwear with a more casual spirit.


By changing the model of skirt or trousers, you can also change the style of the look.

The knitwear in the looks is the protagonist, and the waistcoats are perfect in the first days of autumn, ideal under the trench coat on a rainy day, so, take advantage of any occasion to introduce the note of “preppy” style that also appears in this way of dressing, a plaid knitted waistcoat is a perfect opportunity.


You can also include preppy plaid shirts, but don’t be overly casual – always go for the bon ton, or “good girl” look.


But what if it’s too cold to wear just the trench coat on top of the look? The valuable autumn overlays are here.


Trench coat over blazer, refine your Trad style.

Your bustling workplace on a Monday morning, tweed blazers, boots, knitted cardigans and, over it, a beige trench coat or trench coat.

A blouse like the one under the Prince of Wales blazer in the image above will make your work look less “ordinary” and more “trad”.


If you’re going to wear your trench coat over a blazer you can’t wear “just anything” underneath, you need to reinforce the bon ton effect with elements that put the “posh” note in contrast to the preppy style… do you follow me?

Your trench coat looks for work has to keep its traditional “good girl” spirit intact.


Leather jacket under trench coat, Trad for work and important occasions

The bow-tied blouses add a “posh girl” touch to the look, also ideal with midi-length cape skirts, the perfect skirt length for this style: Learn how to dress well in a midi skirt. You can adapt this look by wearing a trench coat over a leather jacket for work, dinner or a “relaxed” event.

A midi skirt and a vintage inspired blouse, naturally with your trench coat or trench coat on top, this is the recipe to look impeccable for a dinner or an important date, don’t be afraid to wear a leather jacket over the look and protect it with a trench coat on top, the formula works.


As well as bow collars, simple round necklines are Trad’s style allies, choose them for the dress you’re going to wear under your trench coat when you go out for dinner.


The details are important, we are talking about garments that transport you to the past… do you have a vintage bag to reinforce the message? you can find marvels in the flea markets.

Personally, I think that the 40’s taste is the one that contributes the most to this style, but any vision that brings personality is welcome.


A trench coat with a denim jacket and scarf, autumn’s casual tradition.

Don’t call it “posh”, call it Trad, and wear it with denim garments with a trench coat on top, it is an ideal trend for autumn, I suggest that in the early days you interpret it using the resources of your wardrobe, dresses and long skirts and complete it with some of its identifying accessories, scarves covering the hair are one of the most characteristic.


There is no modern style that excludes denim, naturally accompanied by leather goods to match!

The traditional taste is for huge bags, they are never too big, you can play with them to create striking disproportions in the silhouette.


In the “posher” and bon ton trad, all garments in this fabric must maintain this style, even a denim blazer can have a trad spirit.


It takes a bit of practice to go from bon ton trad to preppy, but once you get used to combining the ingredients, the result is an autumn must-have in the city.


Wellies and scarves, ideal complements for trench coats

In autumn you can take your women’s wellies with you everywhere, to dinner, to the office or to a party. As soon as the first drops of rain fall, don’t forget your wellies, the footwear that, together with the ballet pumps, are ideal for these looks.

Once autumn is over, you can keep this iconic accessory in your wardrobe until spring, but not only next year, they are not afraid of the passing of time.


The other essential accessory to build your Trad look are scarves, which you can wear on your head, around your neck or in any other way you can think of, but make sure the print fits with a “posh” look, Ways to wear a scarf.


Trad fashion look

It’s not easy to create a look that is strikingly fashionable with this way of dressing, vulgarity is hard to dodge, and good taste puts the boundaries blurred, very difficult to detect and interpret.

If your aim is to adopt this style my advice is to seek professional help from Image Consulting for women.


Make-up and hairstyle for your Trad “good girl” look with style

When you are looking for naturalness, the absence of excesses and good taste, forget about overdoing your make-up. You need a transparent make-up, practically imperceptible and do not abuse mascara, eye shadows, eyeliner or any other element that brings an excess to the make-up.


Simplicity also in the hair updos, but without stopping at conventionalisms, trad does not mean bland or boring, that would be simply conventional, and trad is modern and active.


Perfect red nails are your best ally if you want more than a discreet porcelain manicure.


No matter how good you look in a trench coat, a pair of tacky false nails will ruin your perfect trad look.


The Trad look for men

In perfect harmony with the women, if you read this post you will understand well how this style works, you just have to change some elements to make it ideal for your masculine autumn look, in the post Trench and trench coats for men, will help you in this task.


The formula to create a winter Trad look is not very different from the autumn one, can you imagine how to do it?


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