Don’t be fooled, when it comes to getting a job the resume is fundamental, but the candidate, like so many other things in life, also enters through the eyes and I assure you: a quality Image Consultancy can make the difference between getting a job or not.

Looking for tricks? Well, information is the best trick. Getting the right outfit for a job interview is, above all, a question of having information about the company and the job.


Even if two companies are doing the same thing, their way of understanding the business can be very different, for example: for a conventional marketing company, a suit or a blazer with classic shoes are indispensable, but another, more open and with young customers, will prefer jeans and a jacket, which show closeness to their type of customers.

Getting in-depth information about the company is essential for choosing the right outfit for the job interview, don’t take anything for granted.

The best attire for a job interview is…

If you’re in a hurry and can’t prepare, the best outfit for job interviews is white for the top and dark for the bottom, or a completely dark look. This formula doesn’t sum up all the possibilities of this outfit, but it’s a good basis!

Generally speaking, dark colors make you look older and high collars convey prestige and generate respect in the interviewer (a must if you need to look “adult”).

Knitwear conveys warmth, (important if you are looking to integrate a person into an existing team).



Pastel colors generate sympathy and are empathetic (essential for work with the public or with children).

A white shirt invites confidence (whatever the job) …


… but a fully buttoned shirt collar can convey that you are an inflexible person, not suited to teamwork.

Navy blue or black gives an impression of authority (perfect for candidates to manage teams in positions of responsibility).


Red, on any type of garment, fabric or accessory, generates mistrust. If you are going to wear it, combine it with white and always with a big smile and a conciliatory attitude.


Do not trust either the color grey or beige, although they have a reputation for being elegant and perfect on any occasion they are not and, depending on the tone, there are many people who look bad about them.


These are, more or less, the general notes about the primary colors, but this does not mean that the other colours are forbidden, although it is better to always use personalised criteria.

In any case, if you don’t control a combination of colors, don’t use it!


What is really important is that you understand that if you don’t know the company and the job, you could get it right with a clown suit and fail with a flawless jacket suit, or vice versa.

In addition to this, you must always take into account the type of interview you are going to have, it is not the same to dress for a face-to-face job interview as it is online…


A look for every type of job interview

Not all outfits are suitable for all job interviews. In addition to the job, the particularities of each type of interview should be taken into account.

Face-to-face job interview

At the extremes is the biggest difficulty, if you are an older person you always fight against the prejudice of being “out of your time”, in this case update your look for the interview, a simple t-shirt instead of your classic white shirt will make your image updated as if by magic.


Evaluate your real chances of getting the job and, depending on your age and situation, match your look to the job you want to get.


If, on the other hand, you are very young and opt for a position of responsibility, concentrate your efforts on ensuring that all the elements of your image convey confidence and maturity.

Choose very recognizable elements of formal wear: tube skirt, blazer, large shoulder bag,  formal shoes, straps… For me, a waistcoat is the perfect unisex garment for this task.


Not that prints and fantasies are forbidden, but beware of colors and motifs that create confusion, an interviewer looks for clarity, so better some geometry, like stripes and checks, also very small motifs.


A common mistake when dressing for a job interview is to forget about the bottom part of the outfit: you may have to stand up to give some explanation or show your skills in some aspect, so think also about the bottom part of the look and the impact the outfit will have on the person watching.


Group job interview

In a group selection you have to stand out and in this respect color can help you.

For example, you can choose a color that is similar to the company’s corporate color or, if the circumstances are right, an eye-catching colour that you know will look good on you and make you stand out, but don’t overdo it because it can be a double-edged sword.


If you have to dress for a job interview in summer, in some companies and for a casual attire, you can substitute the jacket with an open shirt, you will get a relaxed look, but not of “laziness”.

Besides the clothes, pay attention to the volume of the voice and the way of sitting and speaking, it’s not about attracting attention for the wrong reasons.


Online job interview

If you are going to be interviewed for a job online, you will need to have control over things that do not count in a face-to-face interview.

Even if the interview will be online, dress up completely for it, remembering that there are often more people around you than you think.


Find a quiet place where you can put your computer and look at it from the front, and even if you’re away from home, sit upright and proactive.

If you’re at home control the possible interruptions, keep your back straight and do not relax, even if you’re on the couch, I remind you that you’re fighting for your job.


What to avoid when facing a job interview

If the interview is face-to-face, an excess of perfume or a too dense aroma can be counterproductive, the aim is to be observed and listened to.

If the interview is for a fashion company, for example, as much as they like your look they may be keen to finish because your excess perfume “dumbed down”.


Whether the interview is face-to-face or online and whether it’s for a casual look or a more formal one, no wrinkled or worn out clothes and no overloading with accessories, whatever the job, always look for a clean and correct look, the overall appearance matters


As far as make-up and hairstyle are concerned, don’t take liberties, this is neither the time nor the place to claim your freedom or denounce that society oppresses you, a perfect shave and neutral make-up will be your best allies, and don’ you forget your hands, they talk more than you think, so hydrate them and, if you can, get a manicure (good for men and women).

What do I wear to succeed in a job interview?

To achieve your goal in a job interview you also have to dress inside…

Interviewers are professionals, and if you dress in an outfit that matches a job, but you don’t get into the “character” and you don’t believe it, there’s no trick that will make you fit in – create your look for the job and believe it!


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