Here the trends of the next season with Image Advisor “filter” included, because MD Personal Shopper not only tells you what you are going to wear this season, but including clues, tricks and directions so that you enjoy them without complex and in the way that fits you best, whatever you are.

*in every trend notes and tips for you


The Red Color


Red is the head color of autumn, it is everywhere and in all kinds of garments and accessories, but the red dress is its standard-bearer and the “must have” of the beginning of the season.

*Be careful, you can increase the volume a lot, you will find it in many styles, but try for example a layer dress with a lot of flying style 30′ like that of the image, with long sleeves with folds (the coolest sleeve), or a straight dress with sequins, silhouette 60′, both very fashionable, but with different styles and with different shades of red.

This is my help Accessories for a red


Printings and motifs

The checked fabrics

This time there are checks of all sizes and sizes, but the protagonists are the checks in XXL version, large tartan checks especially in very wide pants and in short jackets, very important garments this season.


*if you choose large checks and/ or in strong colors in skirts or pants check the result in the mirror, get a lot fat!

To find out all about the boxes, see  Checked Garments and never throw pictures, they come back again and again.

Abstract Printings and 80’s like strings.


*The shirt dresses are a safe bet, they work in very different women’s silhouettes especially in light fabrics and with a lot of fall, and are perfect for the office, but also to go out to dinner changing accessories.


The Extra-Long Coat


Very, very long, it is worn in coat fabrics of all kinds, also fake furs, and covering the ankles.

*Even if it wasn’t fashionable, it’s a garment that should be had for its versatility and usefulness. Make sure it is very long, the half-lengths, do not offer the same aesthetic result.

Here’s an example, What do I wear with a long dress


The Tailoring


The most feminine tailoring suits and fabrics ever, and not just in the work environment, cross the boundaries of the occasion of use. The Blazer, an element of tailoring par excellence, easily pushes those boundaries… Blazer, women’s wardrobe wildcard

*If you can make a tailored suit in a dark, graphic fabric like pinstripe, an investment you won’t regret.


The Shirts with Ruffles and Frills and The Balloon Sleeves


The renovation of an essential garment in two ways: large ruffles and succession of romantic and crowded frills shirts or the theatricaldramatism of the huge balloon sleeves.

*they have different functions, but in both cases the more exaggerated, the better, frills and ruffles to play with the occasion of wearing tailoring suits, and the drama of the big swollen sleeves to show off in the first days of autumn… exaggerate!


The Thick Knitwear in all kinds of sweaters and cardigans


All kinds of necklines and finishing, more than the shape the important thing is the thickness.

*The basic garment you’ll wear this season with any lower garment, or short and wide or long and oversized, adjusts the knitwear to the silhouette.


The Wild West


Skirts, frilled shirts with ruffles, vests and boots, the trend I find newest and with more possibilities.


There is a trend of total white look that I find unemotively, so I propose it in this image of Far West taste dress with boots.

*You must wear very tight vests with bias skirts drawing the hips. In this look the boots are irreplaceable, but also the high gloves or any other hyper feminine element.


“Total” Leather


Leather with everything and for everything, no matter the occasion, but better in total black look.

 Bon ton with leather, with skirts is a tenure in itself.


With casual trousers is always a must-have in any season.


I take this opportunity to show you the Cape coat trend, a useful garment in events that is otherwise of limited use, although with a lot of charm.

*Wearing the short leather jacket with skirt is a guarantee of success, and it is along with the long coat the outer garment for all your looks, and the cape coat is a whim garment that will only be really useful at some events.

The MD Personal Shoppers’s service is a personalized  a tour in search of the clothes you need .


The High Waisted Pants, Super Wide (Baggy) and the Latex items.


High Waisted Pants use to be worn this season a strip of leather naked in its most fashionable way.


The “comfortable” silhouette coexists with a large or extralarge trousers and the cool Baggy pants, which contrasting with latex trousers.    


The Latex will not only be in pants, but also in tube 80’s skirts and other garments patent leather effect, the real trend this year not just for accessories.

Athletic fashion fits with the already essential sportswear.

*Latex is a synthetic material with “adhesive effect” on the skin that is attractive to few people, look at the mirror above and from behind before buying garments of this material.


The Great Slits and Openings


Showing off leg using slits and openings of garments with any type of fabric, but especially with elastic fabrics.

Show off your leg in all kinds of garments, also in office garments and casualwear. If you have garments with slits but you are not sure how to adapt them to casual looks use the Online Service, all your doubts and ideas to create looks always at your disposal in your own home.


In events it is usual but also to go out to dinner, the black is always the king, use it in total look if you have weight problems, but also for pure pleasure.

*the real novelty is wearing garments with a slit in the casual looks.

The 60s and 70s, fringes and sparkles


The 60s and 70s with retro silhouettes and spectacular accessories, also furs.

Flat fringes such as ribbons, the most fashionable version, but also of other different types, shapes and materials.


Among many options always have keep in mind what fits your figure best.


*seek for the movement of fringes and sparking lurex effects, also sequins at night and day. Retro shapes coexist with modern ones on a level playing field. Metallic fabrics are a must, also lace necklines necks.


Matrix and Religious Gothic


Trend that justifies the total black look full of symbolism and dark attractive, with notes of fantasy and magic. The inspiration is the famous film and in the obscurantism of a scenic era, the gothic, full of drama.


Long dresses, huge sleeves and deep and cheeky necklines.

*the extremes attract one another, a theatrical look next to the white neck of children’s connotations which is one of the most immediate trends of the season. Use these looks for night and excess, and don’t skimp on volume or theatricality.



This has been a quick look at the Autumn – Winter 20-21 Trends, if you recognize many clothes and accessories that you already have in the closet, Style Coach service can help you reinvent trends in your own wardrobe.


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