I imagine that if you are getting married in a civil wedding you are desperately looking for ideas about what you could wear, if you should wear a classic long dress, or if your style is more conventional and you should wear a suit or…

Don’t worry, this post is dedicated to show you all the possible alternatives so that you only have to choose the wedding dress for civil wedding that you like the most.

On the cover bride and groom in classic attire for a civil wedding: the jacket and trousers with turtleneck pullover, she is flowing dress cross shirt style, one of my favorite options for a civil wedding attire.

Styles of bridal dresses for civil wedding

Traditional Long Wedding Dresses

You can choose from an infinite number of options: do you want it simpler or less, with lots of lace or do you prefer tulle, the alternatives for a long civil wedding dress are endless.


Do you prefer essential and simple or is your thing fuller of lace and luscious? Keep in mind that you must prioritize the silhouette.


There are many options of fabric and shape to get the one that suits you best, but it is not easy to find the one that fits you perfectly, count on my Personal Shopper Woman service, so you will buy the one that fits you best.

Civil wedding dress Boho style

It is the most fashionable wedding dress, and it also complies with tradition, it is romantic and modern, but nevertheless several possible interpretations, more or less hippy, although it can also be cool or very sophisticated, depending on the style and the fabrics and accessories you use.


The dress for a civil wedding Boho style is a fashionable bet, in which lace and macramé together with flowers, are the absolute protagonists.


If you are passionate about fashion this is the perfect dress for your civil wedding at the courthouse.


Simple short civil wedding dress

If you are looking for a simple wedding dress, I recommend this shirt dress with a discreet and essential taste.


In addition to the traditional dress with cuffs on the sleeves, I invite you to explore other possibilities, for example, vintage inspired dresses, such as a flowing dress from the 40s, or a dress with a flared silhouette in a 50s style, simple but also original fitting.


Also try a long-sleeved dress for a civil wedding in winter without being cold, and keep in mind that the draping on the abdomen perfectly conceals the belly, it will be like seeing that belly disappear that bothers you so much!


These dresses work best when they are short, and don’t forget to personalize them with accessories.

As for the guys, I’ll tell you that you already have at your disposal a Post with all the alternatives for Wedding Dressing without a Suit, a hit among the blog readers, but if you have more traditional preferences you might like Suit or Smoking, Wedding Protocol for Men, which contains all the information about what suits you best when it comes to face our more traditional wedding attire.

If after taking a look at these posts, you don’t quite understand what is best for you to buy, the Personal Shopper Men service guarantees the perfect outfit for one of the most important events of your lives.

Plus size civil wedding dress short or long


If you are looking for a plus size civil wedding dress, you always have the option of long or short, romantic or simple.


Prioritize the silhouette that suits you best (the empire silhouette is my favourite), both for a short or long plus size civil wedding dress, and play with effects that create a romantic taste, without falling into the clutches of volume, such as appliqués (image above right).


In case you need a casual plus size civil wedding dress, always think first about the silhouette, and I recommend that, whether it is in spring or winter, you choose at the same time the matching outerwear.


If you are a curvy bride, also explore the possibility of wearing a top and skirt look. You will probably feel more comfortable and contemporary with this solution, where you don’t depend on the size of only one garment, but two, more leeway to get the ideal bridal look.

Short civil wedding dress in summer

A short civil wedding dress can be your style or another structured or flowing, think about the structure that suits you best when choosing your civil wedding dress.


A Lingerie Dress for example is a great alternative to a traditional wedding dress for a civil wedding.


If you want a discreet day I advise you pastel colors, but if it is the most important day for you and you don’t mind attracting attention look for your favorite tone and dress in it, there are no limits, you deserve whatever you like: coffee, lime, raspberry, Klein blue, olive, chocolate, vanilla, clay, laurel….


… have you noticed that, if you evoke the color in something specific, you can think of many more colors that you like?

Less formal civil wedding dress alternatives

Your wedding dress for a courthouse wedding can be much more practical if you choose a look made of two pieces, for example, a midi skirt and a special and elegant blouse, with many possibilities to choose the skirt model that best fits your silhouette: tube, flared, bell, mini… try on many and find yours!


Printed dresses and dresses with fantasy fabrics

There are options for all tastes, do not give up your preferences on such a special day, if you love flowers look for a wedding dress with this printed motif, and the same if you prefer abstract motifs, African, stripes…


Analyze your greatest virtue and focus on it: your hair, your neckline, your height, your skin tone… it will help you to create your best bridal look in the color that suits you best.


A dress in guipure or jacquard fabric, follow your heart also in the wedding dress, on a day to “stay with the desire of something”, nor to follow established formats.


If it is a dress for a civil wedding in winter you will need a warm garment or a shawl, depending on the temperature, keep this in mind when choosing your dress.


If you are invited to a civil wedding, in How to be the perfect guest for a wedding, and in What to avoid if you are a guest at a wedding, you will find everything you need to know, with many ideas to help you find the perfect look.

Evening dress for a civil wedding

If the civil wedding, or at least the celebration of it, is going to be at night, the fabrics for your civil wedding dress change.


Leave behind the look you wore to your courthouse wedding and change, as evening events are all about glitz and party fabrics.


You may be interested in reading How to transform my wedding look with accessories.


Don’t forget a shawl!

Casual civil wedding dresses

If rules and conventions aren’t your thing, you’ll find your dress for your civil wedding at a courthouse among the following options:

Civil wedding jumpsuit dress

If you are looking for comfort without complications, don’t leave aside your passion for fashion, wearing a jumpsuit to your civil wedding is an alternative as smart or casual as you want, depending on the fabric of the jumpsuit and the accessories you choose.


The fabric of the jumpsuit depends on the more or less eventful function of the outfit, and the shoes are the key accessory in this civil wedding look, give them all the attention they deserve.


Courthouse Wedding Suit Jackets

This masculine/feminine look, has several possibilities depending on the volume, and above all the color, in which you choose it, feminine, narrow and fitted suit… or are you more of an oversized suit in pastel tones for your civil wedding?


Dressing as a couple for a civil wedding

Beyond the fact that you are already coordinated sentimentally, coordinating your look for the civil wedding is a winning bet.


Yes, I know that tradition says that the groom can’t see the bride’s dress until the moment of the wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use an “intermediary” to coordinate your couple’s look …


Do not settle for the civil wedding dress that everyone wears, look for a young look with which you feel free to be as you are, without disguises, my Image consultancy service in Madrid guarantees the result, ask for a personalized quote.


When the wedding in the courthouse is between people of the same sex, it is essential to differentiate the attire of both.


It is the colors, the fabrics, the differences between the outfits and the small details that make the difference between the two spouses.


Make-up and hairstyle for a civil wedding

Shall I tell you an open secret?

It will be a day full of emotions, so it is almost certain that your eyes will be wet, so forget about complicated make-up with a thousand colors of eye shadow and focus on a fit skin, that is the only thing that will make you shine, or not, on the day of your civil wedding.

Avoid overloading your image and the whole outfit in general, and above all don’t dress up, if you always wear your hair down in a simple way, wear it that way also at the wedding and, at the most, make a simple bun, it’s about enjoying an important day, not always worrying about your hair pulling!

If, on the other hand, you love to overdo it, this is the perfect day to go overboard.

The night before, don’t listen to your friends, you’re the star of the show the next day, so take a nice relaxing bath and go to bed early, grandma’s remedies to the power!


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