A business dinner is not a dinner with friends, although some co-workers have become, over time, good friends.

This is the idea that you have to have clearer in your head when you choose your next corporate dinner look, the word “company” is what makes the difference.

Find your look for company dinner

Show your value in the company through your corporate dinner look.

Image, presence, reliability, competence, respect. The clothes and accessories suitable to make that look should always respond to these qualities, the rest, leave it for your private life, outside the restaurant.

For this reason I would like to propose a somewhat different post that goes beyond a jacket, a dress and a pair of heels, a post that also talks about what suits you or does not lead to a company dinner, beyond aesthetics and fashion.

Leave at home coquettishness, provocation and any kind of attitude that does not fits a professional presence. Do you think it’s macho? I think that pretty and feminine are characteristics perfectly compatible with this look because, in addition to the clothes, what counts is your attitude, the way you wear the chosen look, how you moves on. if you’re looking for comfort and peace of mind, the women’s blazer is a safe bet.

Actually, the rules are the same for a masculine look at a company dinner, but men tend to be more relaxed in these situations (or they disguise it well) and do not seem so worried about what they are going to wear.


Add a fashionable touch to your corporate dinner look too

The special clothes and with personality work very well in a special occasion like this, professional does not mean boring. You can choose a spectacular garment with fashion structure while remaining perfect for the occasion.

A golden rule: Put on only clothes that you are sure you can wear with confidence and security, if not, avoid them. Remember, you’re at a company dinner, not a private dinner with friends.


The goal is always to enjoy dinner without feeling conditioned by what you wear. If you are a shy person it is better to avoid large necklines and clothes with a tendency to move, this is much more important than dressing in trendy color or putting on a pair of pants or a dress, remember, you are at a company dinner.

If it is a situation where you are not calm and you feel judged, my advice is to simplify: simple and correct garments that do not cause problems, with which you do not have to think about how to sit or the impression you are causing, so you will put Concentrate on what really matters, the conversation.


What kind of fabrics to choose for a business dinner, don’t overdo it!

Choose shyny clothes only if it is the celebration of Christmas or a commemorative anniversary of the company, you could be out of place and “out of place”.

I am not in favor of exaggerating with party-looking fabrics or apparent accessories, vulgarity is a danger that is always lurking and exaggerating can make you lose control of the look if you do not know how to handle excesses well.

The best thing is to look for a special look but based on everyday clothes and transform it later with the help of particular accessories and with personality.

Avoid exaggerations and relax, some people in their desire for prominence, they do not even realize it and it’s a real danger when you’re surrounded by co-workers.

Look for some original accessory that transforms your image, especially if you go to dinner directly from work and do not have time to change. Could be spectacular fantasy shoes capable of transforming that suit with which today you went to several meetings …

… or something younger and less formal, like a bag of tacks, which can allude to your authentic personality and your aesthetic preferences outside of work, maybe something younger and less formal, like a studded bag or a biker jacket, without your company dinner look out of place, you know, satisfaction to be true to oneself in a very healthy fashion wink. It’s just an example, you can adapt it to your most unspeakable fashion preferences.

Just an example, you can adapt it to your most unconfessable fashion preferences.


What if the company dinner is a more “special” event?

If it is not a conventional dinner or work and it is an event closer to a party, do not settle for a skirt with volume or fantasy booties and dare with something more special, a unique and eye-catching garment that you can reuse in another Special occasion, something like this feather coat.

I suggest something timeless that does not have a life too limited because of fashion trends, so you can use it on many special occasions.

Welcome feathers, fur or lace, or even sequins or embroidery, the important thing is to adapt fabrics and garments to the occasion.


How to tailor your corporate look exactly to a particular occasion

And here’s an infallible MD Personal Shopper trick that will make it difficult for you to choose the wrong type of business dinner look: the venue!

When you are told the place where the business dinner will take place, you will have practically all the information you need to compose your perfect look.

Dressing for dinner at a prestigious hotel or a luxurious casino in your city is not the same as dressing for a venue that you’ve chosen because it’s comfortable and “easy”-

Make-up and hairstyle will also play an important role in the look. Don’t overdo it and don’t overdo your make-up if you don’t usually do it. You can also put yourself in the hands of a professional if the occasion deserves it.

If you don’t even know what to wear, black is always a good bet and gives you confidence (even if you are a curvy girl and feel self-conscious). It doesn’t have to be boring if you use the right accessories and it is an investment that can be “eternal”.


Company dinner look for men

Don’t be fooled, the day of the company dinner is not just any day, and your look for the company dinner can’t be just any look, no matter how much you feel like wearing anything as you do every day to go to the office.

What you wear that day can be decisive in many ways, maybe they want to introduce you to an important person in the company, or they want to evaluate the image you can give to clients, the way you behave in a more “social” situation

First of all, take a look at the top of the post, everything that applies to women also applies to men, and now let’s talk about the particularities that the male sex would have in this situation.

You’ve often relaxed and worn jeans and a shirt to the office, if you need to add value, so be prepared to add a little something extra to your look, perhaps an accessory that adds character, such as a scarf or a foulard.


Dinner company man relaxed, but always in order

But you can also make a quick and effective change with just one item of clothing – did you know that a turtleneck jumper can completely change a man’s appearance?

This garment is the fastest and most practical solution I can offer you for your company dinner, minimum investment, with great results, and the best garment you can introduce in your wardrobe for emergencies, if it is in a dark colour, the better.

If you are in spring or summer, use a t-shirt with a blazer, but not a crappy t-shirt that you have at home and you wear at the weekend to do sport, buy a navy blue or white cotton t-shirt and wear it with a blazer.


Is it compulsory to wear a suit to a company dinner?

Your old suit is not correct, just boring, unless you are specifically asked for it or the place requires it, don’t use your wedding suit that you wear in special family occasions, look for a more relaxed look that tells something about you, that says that, beyond there is an interesting person that is worth discovering, that will increase your “value” in the company, they will wonder if they are wasting you because they don’t know everything about you.

Instead of a suit you can choose to combine a blazer, a relaxed look, but always correct.

Don’t leave your personality at home, don’t get into a protest attitude, showing that you don’t want to be there is not good for your interests in the company, if the situation bores you think that it is part of the job and show yourself positive and proactive and take the opportunity to promote yourself, you never know who might be “watching and evaluating”.

As for the look, I am not a fan of fancy dress, you have to be you with your personal way of dressing, but it is important to always look neat… if you always wear a bun, make a perfect bun!


Attitude, your own guest at the company dinner

Think of this as a work occasion, not a personal one, so avoid provocative or exaggerated looks and don’t go in looking cute or flirty, worry about the conversations rather than your appearance, even if you’re out and about this is work, not private life.

Your business dinner look for men can become a real opportunity to be noticed in the company, the key words are personality and reliability.

Remember that the company dinner is work, even if you are not at work you must work for you and for your future, so read carefully all the contents of this post (many tips are also unisex) and consider this occasion as what it really is, an opportunity, get ready for the occasion by combining the colours of the look with style.

If you have a corporative dinner and you’re not sure how to get dressed, you can hire my personal shopper service in Madrid, to go calmly to an occasion where you feel very exposed.

We can go shopping or I can help you improve or correct the perfect look with an online stylist session.


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