Dinner is the meal of the day that receives less time attention of all, result? Boredom, always the same dinners that are torture for children and adults. What can we do to get a healthy and different dinner?

I write this post during the Coronavirus Confinement, so, in addition to health, I am looking for something else …

Being confined at home is stressful, it is moreover super stressful, so the idea is to find formulas to combat it and generate positive emotions … There goes one: a healthy family dinner with only one condition: bare feet!


First days are not extremely hard, even more, are almost fun, everything is new. You spend more time with your family, you cook, you tidy up the house and it is even fabulous to work online, without spending hours in traffic jams or endless transfers … at the beginning.

Then the days start to become all the endless, and you start missing the contact with colleges, the children get bored and start to be hysterical and … Ahhhhh!

A dinner every week with painted feet and costumes, a kind of family ceremony is a goal that can keep children entertained, thinking and planning, looking for costume ideas and drawings to paint with from week to week … what you think?

You will need: illusion, yearn for and body paint or henna color, which you can order online for a home delivery.


I have also read out there that the consequences of confinement on overall fitness are catastrophic. It seems that there is a widespread belief that the best therapy against boredom is learning to cook cakes and sweets in general, social networks are invaded by recipes… but don’t you always complain about the lack of time to keep fit?


I suppose the damage has already done so act, think about light and of course healthy dinners that are also full of color, did you know that colors have a direct influence on the mood of kids and adults?

Cooking with children yes, but not tons of sugar, that does not teach children to eat healthy. To replace it and make them attractive, healthy recipes with color and, if you are lucky enough to have a terrace, also flowers in the recipe or to decorate table and dishes.

I am an expert in fashion, not in food, I cannot speak of vitamins or nutritional balances, but if I can say that, for someone to want something, be it food or a garment, it must be attractive. A healthy dinner must have vitamins, but also flavor, being light but also surprising.

As in the case of clothing, what is usually extremely attractive are the contrasts, those surprises that make boredom disappear.


As in the case of a total look, you must know how to surprise depending on the total look it is like Accessories for a red dress according to the occasion or Combining a black men blazer.

When preparing a healthy dinner, it is necessary that you also think that it is must be attractive: colors, position on the plate, condiments, textures, seeds, details …

But let me talk about easy, light and healthy recipes for moms and dads without much time to prepare dinners: Vegetable creams are tastier with crispy baked croutons as a contrast of texture and pieces of skimmed goat cheese to contrast the “sweet” flavor of the vegetables.


In another example, a grilled chicken salad will gain in presence and contrast of flavor if you add chopped dried figs, if you also add a mix of seeds, each bite will be a surprise…. Like every look you wear you will gain originality and style if you apply the same logic by using accessories and contrasts in each outfit.

As protein is always best for dinner, lighter and better to ease sleep, the mozzarella salad with tomato and basil is also a desirable choice with protein, but only if no one in the family has problems with tomato bitterness. I love it with sunflower seeds and extra virgin olive oil, of course with fresh basil leaves.

A you see, the same thing happens in fashion: each look you wear will gain originality and style, if you apply the same logic using accessories and contrasts in each outfit.

Creating costumes and painting feet … something more than just a healthy family dinner

Instead of taking out convenient costumes from the wardrobes, the interesting thing is to create new ones by adding, for example, wings to the old sweatshirts to be at home, applying black cutting threads in the form of spider web, or any other idea related to the passion of each child, the important thing is “thinking and doing” instead of “buying and ordering”.


As for the feet, the party would not be the same with shoes, in fact, taking off your shoes is a liberation for everyone!!!

Henna for adults and tempera paint for children. Colors generate fun and stimulate creativity, creating that joy that in “normality”, I mean without confinement, adults usually keep it properly covered with a layer of translucent and sticky glaze, that children’s does not have. As a tool use your imagination in addition to the brushes, you will discover that the children’s one is very fit, while yours needs a set-up.

This could be a unique opportunity to sand a little bit of that layer of yellowish finish, the key is to let children sand, they have no measure.


Staining color and letting children stain and stain you, will be a family experience, a few newspapers and washable paint will keep the added side effects under control, although in any case it would not hurt to make a few plastic aprons with garbage bags, to avoid that the emotion ends in anger, because in that case, the dinner will be like a souffle that deflates … the fun is over. A soufflé is a fun-looking dish that fits the spirit of the occasion.


If you decide to put the idea into practice, you have to prepare yourself mentally, because kids are prepared for the wildness by default, but it is possible that the base configuration installed in adults, is presented at dinner, although you have not sent the invitation, and can spoil everything.

At a dinner with painted feet painted and probable glitter on the floor, configuration base’s opinion does not fit in such a “free” environment. If you want the experience to be liberating and work, you have to keep it under control.

Surely your children can think of a thousand drawing ideas and they will enjoy like crazy covering themselves with paint and painting your feet with henna arabesques, but, in case the party falls off and you need help, on Facebook you will find several image albums to lend a hand: body paint, henna drawings and healthy food.

It is much better to let yourself go and try to get the best out of each moment, because even complicated situations have something good to do if you try to find it.


I look forward too many images of your painted foot parties to post on my Facebook page.


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