Every year you wait until the last moment to think about what you’re going to wear, and this year when we’re going to have such a strange New Year’s Eve is going to be no exception, as, moreover, due to the circumstances, I believe that the “format” of the meetings will change in many ways.

It is very possible that most of the meetings will become online and even virtual, so here are a few ideas to take advantage of what you already have or making the most of this year’s trends.

On the cover, interesting and sophisticated 20/30’s inspiration is one of the most interesting. If you have inherited a garment or accessory from your grandparents, don’t hesitate to use it.

Flee the classic outfit to dress New Year’s Eve and improvise with style

Have you already read my post for Combining Men’s Colors? The clothes in the same color range that you have in your wardrobe can be perfect for New Year’s Eve 2020, the important thing is to give them a personal touch with a contrasting accessory.



On the other hand, a turtleneck jumper is a simpler and more modern option than the shirt and tie, go for it instead of the classic tie.



This year tops and dresses with pleated ballot sleeves have been very fashionable, also lace necks that you can wear as a foulard, if you have bought one enjoy it in your New Year’s Eve outfit, and the same happens with laminated fabrics, its shine will leave girls and guys spellbound!



If, as many hoteliers are proposing, you end up opting for an early New Year’s Eve or Christmas lunch or dinner, ironically with a few “full days” accessories added to the look, this holiday will be different in every way, resisting is useless.


360º New Year’s Eve Dresses – Shirt and Lingerie Dress

Shirt dresses have been very successful this season, they create a modern silhouette and adapt to many women’s bodies, they are a wild card Work/Casual/Event, with this garment, both in printed and plain version, you will succeed on New Year’s Eve … and also before and after.



The lingerie dress with different fabrics and slight variations in shape is a must have in a traditional party, online or virtual event, but you have to know how to wear it. Learn how to combine a lingerie dress… you don’t have yours yet? My Personal Shopper Madrid service will help you solve that “detail”.



The men’s version of the lingerie dress is the simple black suit with a white T-shirt, do you think it’s too simple, because it’s not at all, the look for men on New Year’s Eve 2020, come by Suit  or Tuxedo


New Year’s Eve with Vests and Transparencies – Attention to the silhouette

You know that the waistcoat has been a trend of this powerful autumn, and it will also be this holiday: a total black look with waistcoat and black trousers is a sure bet Christmas 2020, and not only for men, this androgynous look is very cool and usable for women too.

What you may not know is that the waistcoat is an important element in transforming your silhouette because it contains it and lengthens it. If you have gained a few pounds during confinement, you will have all the details in Men’s and women’s waistcoats, one for every occasion.



The other male trend that you can take advantage of this holiday is the 70’s look, … do you also think it always has a somewhat sexy appeal? In fact, in my opinion the best Tuxedos are the 70’s style ones.

On the other hand, you can use this trick of the waistcoat effect also in a different way in a transparent, the classic sticky top that is used under the transparent garments can have the same content function, if they are going to see you only from the waist up, it will be useful and with minimum investment.

Remember that you can also use a swimming costume, a bodysuit or a bikini as a “top”, but avoid garments with lace, for this function they are not very modern and can even be vulgar, better plain or printed in contrast with the outer garment.


Younger look for New Year’s Eve 2020 – Activewear contamination

Brightly colored leggings appearing under a pair of shorts, the lycra fitness jumpsuit acts as a “girdle” so that the light silk dress slides over the body without wrinkles, the abstract print top becomes the perfect bra under the lace blouse you had bought to attend a friend’s wedding… Did you know the secret life of these garments?



You can wear the cycling shirt under the blazer, and your gym print leggings peeking out under a black culotte, but the greatest impact will be achieved if you create contrast with leggings and other latex or vinyl – effect garments, especially easy to find now because they are among the trendiest items of the moment.



If you don’t want to give up your sports spirit, incorporating these elements into your New Year’s Eve outfit will be a fabulous idea: abuse the latex and you’ll have the coolest look of the virtual or face-to-face event you attend.



If you are not familiar with the material and don’t know how to mix it with your style, ask for help. On these occasions you need an Image consultant in Madrid.

With latex you can exaggerate all you want and choose to wear its shiny patent leather effect (especially if you can show off your body) or choose only one accessory in the modern fashionable material.


Accessories on New Year’s Eve – Transform your look!

Do you like low-rise trousers? Choose clothes that reflect your style and your way of dressing in party fabrics, not the other way around, and do the same with accessories, adapt your look to your style and your philosophy of life, so no matter what your Street Gang is, you can adapt its characteristic style notes to your New Year’s Eve look by using its characteristic accessories… what about latex gloves?



I’m talking about the outfit, presence, occasion of use, style and personality: if you’re a rocker, don’t forget pendants and rings, it’s enough to Combine a Blazer later to be always you, also on New Year’s Eve, in another example, if you feel like a Hollywood star chooses pearls, they are inseparable companions of satin in special events, and so on, every style and personality, are accentuated and complemented with the use of certain accessories, the trick to make you feel, is to discover which one is yours.

If this exercise is impossible for you, and you have no clue how to find your way, Image Consulting, how to get your look in shape, will help you discover what you need.

Whatever your style, don’t “betray” yourself, choose accessories that speak to you.


Bob Crop, Waves, Braids, Bows … Finish your look with a spectacular hairstyle

These are the latest hairstyles and my recommendations for each style and personality.

If you have a rebellious spirit and protest, yours are the fine waves made with tweezers in a toupee, and along your long and wild hair, if you need a “renewed classic”, bet on the diagonal braids and if you look for the coolest, choose the Bob Crop, finally, if yours is the childish style of “I have not stolen a plate in my life”, high bows with a line in the middle will be your ideal hairstyle.



If you follow me on Facebook you’ve already seen my advice on the coolest makeup, I published the last days of November, so there are only the hands, for which I recommend reading Black Nails and other colors, but I also want to remind kids that hand care also applies to them, and that the manicure speaks of them as much or more than their attire, keep in mind and take an appointment to get a manicure before the holidays.

The New Year’s Eve 2018 post will give you more ideas and information that might interest you, and in this year of unusual parties, you might also be interested in Blazer, the joker in the female wardrobe and Animal Print casual or chic, which offers a different view of animal print for men and women.


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